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Memphis, TN, TN, United States
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Recycle a juice bottle into a watering can

This tutorial will show you how to do turn an empty plastic juice bottle into a watering can. The idea came to me during a very hot and humid day planting seeds on my landing.



  1. 1

    First, you will need an empty, rinsed out plastic bottle, such as a juice bottle.

  2. How to make a watering can. Juice Bottle Watering Can - Step 2 2

    Using a drill and small drill bit, drill a few holes into the lid of the bottle.

    Tips: Work on a surface that you do not mind getting drill marks on, like an old phone book or scrap wood. (For illustrative purposes, I have the cap on a concrete surface, but I do not recommend doing this because you risk damaging your bit.)

  3. How to make a watering can. Juice Bottle Watering Can - Step 3 3

    Your lid should look something like this. The number and size of your holes will determine how much flow you will get from your bottle. But also keep in mind that a great benefit of using a plastic bottle is that you can squeeze it, and this will also control the flow and pressure of your water.

    I don't recommend holes that are too bit (will drown your plants) or too small (too much effort to get the water out).

    I used a 3/32" sized bit.

  4. How to make a watering can. Juice Bottle Watering Can - Step 4 4

    VOILA! Watering can.

    If you use liquid fertilizer solutions, these bottles are great for mixing up your fertilizer and having it on hand to use because they have lids. Make sure you label any chemical solutions so you and anyone else knows what is inside.

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