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Pretty Easy

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A great little cake for a great occasion!

I made this cake for the Jubilee but could be made for any other occasion such as the Olympics. Takes about 20 minutes to decorate.I took the idea from a few other designs I had seen and created my own version. Hope you like it. You can use butter-cream instead of double cream but I thought that cream went better with the fruit.


Doughnut Cake

Doughnut Cake

Is it a doughnut? Is it a cake?.................Its kind of both!

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Ombre Roses Cake

Ombre Roses Cake

Two layer chocolate cake decorated with purple and white ombre buttercream roses

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"Up" Disney Movie Cupcake Cake.

"Up" Disney Movie Cupcake Cake.

Very easy & cute!

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Braaaaaaain Cake!

Braaaaaaain Cake!

Saw the tutorial and had to make it for my Halloween party :D

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A Formal Affair

A Formal Affair

A simple "Groom's Shower" cake

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Zombie Cake

Zombie Cake

For my best friends birthday.

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