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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
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A way to continue wearing that cheap but lovable jewelry

So I know that I don't really care about that cost of Jewelry. If I like it and it looks cool, I'm fine if it only costs 50 cents. It doesn't matter to me if its designer or out of a quarter machine.

But, I HATE that little green line you get from wearing the cheapo rings, that rash you get from necklaces.

Well I know many people already know this trick, but for those of you who don't!

Its very complicated and intricate, and you may not find the necessary item...

Clear Nail Polish.....



You Will Need

Almost Nothing

  1. How to make a misc. Jewelry Turning Your Skin Green? Here's A Solution! - Step 1 1

    Alright, so as I said, this is extremely complicated! You get your nail polish, the clear kind, and you open it :D

  2. How to make a misc. Jewelry Turning Your Skin Green? Here's A Solution! - Step 2 2

    And now get your piece of jewelry.

    Take the nail polish and apply it to the inside of the ring, the part that touches your skin.

    Let Dry and Wear with pride :D

  3. 3

    ALSO!!!! FOR OTHER THINGS. Not only does this work for jewelry, but its a nice polish for anything.

    Got a button thats been scratched? use the nail polish. Its a nice cheap alternative to Resin :D

    I've already used half the bottle and I only got it a few hours ago :D

    Fun :D

    EDIT!: l e t h a l i e asked a great question, one that I've been wondering myself. How to GET RID of that green circle.

    Well that ones actually stumped me, because I've got my little ring right there on my pinky finger and I've washed it and washed it.

    Well because of her inquiry, I've decieded to STOP being lazy and figure out HOW to get rid of it. And here is what I've found.

    Time. I've searched and searched on the Web, and Usually I'm considered the Google Queen, being that I can find nearly anything on google.

    Its been a day since I put the nail Polish on the ring, and the green is subsiding. I suggest just keep it mosturized and wash it thoroughly. :D

    How's that for a USELESS ANSWER?! :D

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