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Version This project is a version of Jackson Pollock Heels by ureeeya

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Nice 'n' Simple

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Based on Jackson Pollock Heels by ureeeya

Wowwy zowwy, the red was being not so nice, it wanted to be everywhere but the shoes!! But other then that an easy and awesome project!! I don't where heels a lot, at all, so I jazzed up some black flats I had. I only did silver on the inside, but some red snuck in too. It took me about 40 minutes because the red and I had our little turf war but the rest took about 10 minutes. : ) I <3 mine shoes!


Skeleton Shoes

Skeleton Shoes

$40 shoes for FREE!

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Redesigned shoes

Redesigned shoes

Make your own pair of shoes

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Batman! Comic Book Flats.

Batman! Comic Book Flats.

Inspired from another how-to on this site.

♥ 1160
Collage Shoes

Collage Shoes

A nice sumer project to re-vamp those flats!

♥ 4
Re Painted Shoes

Re Painted Shoes

Turn overtly cute footwear into something you might actually wear.

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Harley Quinn Comic Shoes

Harley Quinn Comic Shoes

Pow! Kaboom! Blam!

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