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Cozy little houses for your mobile devices :)

The day my new iPod touch was expected to be delivered, I got extremely bored sitting by the window waiting for the mail carrier to arrive...So I made these!!!!! Aren't they adorable?!?!

My owl cozy is inspired by the retro owl sunglasses case by peptogirl, and the Domo is inspired by a mix of all the cases already on the site (same for the Pop tart)

As for materials, I used scraps that my mum had in her craft bins. So I didn't have to pay for anything! WOOHOO!

List of Names:

The Abominable Snow Man
Pop Tart
Retro Owl


Ipod Sandwhich Cover

Ipod Sandwhich Cover

A nice, non-edible sandwich to keep your Ipod/Mp3 Player Warm :)

♥ 628
Tie Pod Cosy

Tie Pod Cosy

A quick & easy cosy for your iPod or iPhone from a vintage tie.

♥ 58
Mario Mushroom I Pod Cozy

Mario Mushroom I Pod Cozy

Mario Mushroom iPod covers

♥ 253
I Pod Pouch From Scarf

I Pod Pouch From Scarf


♥ 25
Ear Bud Carrying Case

Ear Bud Carrying Case

Quick and easy place to stash your ear buds.

♥ 2
Domokun Ipod Nano Case

Domokun Ipod Nano Case

A cute and adorable Ipod case to keep that ipod scratch free!

♥ 340



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