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Nice & Simple

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Cozy little houses for your mobile devices :)

The day my new iPod touch was expected to be delivered, I got extremely bored sitting by the window waiting for the mail carrier to arrive...So I made these!!!!! Aren't they adorable?!?!

My owl cozy is inspired by the retro owl sunglasses case by peptogirl, and the Domo is inspired by a mix of all the cases already on the site (same for the Pop tart)

As for materials, I used scraps that my mum had in her craft bins. So I didn't have to pay for anything! WOOHOO!

List of Names:

The Abominable Snow Man
Pop Tart
Retro Owl


Mp3 Cover: Etch A Sketch

Mp3 Cover: Etch A Sketch

Retro, yet modern

♥ 49
Pop Tart Ipod Case

Pop Tart Ipod Case

Mmm, tasty music

♥ 47
Ipod Shuffle Cozzie

Ipod Shuffle Cozzie

To keep my ipod warm!

♥ 41
iPod Disguise Cosy

iPod Disguise Cosy

Got iPod pride but want to keep your iPod safe amd warm while showing off it's still an iPod? Make it an iPod disguise cosy.

♥ 78
Duct Tape iPod Case

Duct Tape iPod Case

A duct tape protective case for the iPod.

♥ 27
I Pod Case

I Pod Case

a case that can be used for an iPod, cell phone, hard drive or anything else !

♥ 22



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