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U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US
Lampwork Beads.
Stretchy Bracelet And Wire Beaded Earrings
Inspired By The Classic Pearl Necklace.
Agate Beads + Wood Beads + Polymer Clay Pendant
Pearly Necklace with a Polymer Clay Focal.

I made this pendant out of polymer clay, added a few pearls, and a bead. As well, it has a flowery pattern.

I didn't really know what to do with this piece, it was a bit girly-so what else, I thought I'll put it on some pearls.

So I added an extra string onto it, adding a little, giving it a vintage-ish appeal. I think I may add something else-perhaps-to make it pop a little more. But I don't want to make it too costumey/dramatic.

Pearl & Chain Necklace

Pearl & Chain Necklace

Add elegance to that little black dress.

♥ 347
Diy Bead And Flower Necklace

Diy Bead And Flower Necklace

Handmade Jewelries!

♥ 4
Elegant Pearl Necklace

Elegant Pearl Necklace

A gorgeous set of pearls made from an old Halloween necklace

♥ 0
Chunky Pearl Necklace

Chunky Pearl Necklace

Use masses of turquoise glass pearls!

♥ 87
Cute Handmade Jewelry  Pearl Necklaces With An Adorable Acrylic Flower

Cute Handmade Jewelry Pearl Necklaces With An Adorable Acrylic Flower

Cute handmade jewelry- pearl necklaces with an adorable acrylic flower

♥ 3
Diy Pearl Necklace

Diy Pearl Necklace

An easy J.Crew-like pearl necklace - perfect for Summer!

♥ 47


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