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Therapy of the crafty kind...

Since cut out and keep is a place to share all the patterns, ideas, quotes, and projects that inspire me, I thought what better place to start then with my proverbial "treasure chest". That being my Inspiration Book.




You Will Need

Almost Nothing

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    Since directions are about as simple as it gets (glue lots of stuff you like in a notebook), I thought it would be best to share a list of things you might wanna put in there! As well as some pictures from my own colorful and crazy notebook!

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    Things you might want in There!


    - Magazine Photos

    -Your own photographs

    -A list of crafty websites you love

    -Instructions for how to make bakers clay or
    paper mache, or even a dog house!
    -Many little envelopes and paper
    pockets to fill with many paper patterns

    -Quotes you love

    -Doodles in bright pens (black and white
    can bore the brain).

    -Pages torn from library discards and
    yard sale finds

    -Pages photocopied from library books and
    books borrowed from a friend

    -Scan the internet and print out a patterns
    No printer? No problem most libraries
    even do super cheap COLOR copies!

    -Magazine clippings (I love ReadyMade
    but I dont wanna dig through a stack looking
    for my favorite feature).

  3. How to make a mixed media. Inspiration Scrap Journal - Step 3 3

    Find some quiet time....just to glue some things together, its therapeutic! Throw some glitter on top, use fabric samples, write a poem on a page, you'll be surprised how quickly the inspiration hits!

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