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About this project

he is cute, he is cuddly and he wants to be loved! :)

I made this Valentine's plushie for my husband who LOVES Dr. Who after wondering what kind of sweet something could I make for him that is sweet and cute!? what is more cute than an adipose with a heart saying, I luv you!? hehe So I hand stitched him instead of using a machine, he is completely handmade, so he is more special. I stitched the I luv you myself as well!
I wanted him to be something special instead of a mass produced teddy bear that you can get in stores(which are adorable too!)
So I wanted to share him for all of the Dr. Who fanatics! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 have a very Happy Valentines! from lil adipose and me!

one pic is him without a toof! and one with his toof! hehe



Bone Plushie

Bone Plushie

Throw me a bone, preferably this smiling crocheted one

♥ 69
Pet Mustache

Pet Mustache

mr. cloud dragon

♥ 4
Gruesome Knitted Eyeballs

Gruesome Knitted Eyeballs

Knit some gruesome eyeballs, perfect for Halloween.

♥ 158
Kidney Plushy

Kidney Plushy

Anatomically correct right kidney

♥ 1
Mustache Keychain

Mustache Keychain

Quick, cheap keychain that you'll love!

♥ 7
Stomach Stuffie

Stomach Stuffie

Crocheted stomach

♥ 0



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