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Craft Projects tagged Alice In Wonderland

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Diy Treat Stand

Dollar store plates and candleholders decorated with Sharpie

♥ 70
Shirt To Cushion Cover


♥ 5
Cheshire Cat Magnetic Hematite Wrap Bracelet

We're all mad here!

♥ 4
Alice's Card Bows

felt bows to go mad for.

♥ 8
Pressed Flower Door Sign

A sophisticated way to add a dash of cute to any door!

♥ 0
Tea Cup Hat How To

cut and stylish hat for fancy dress parties or just to wear out in general!

♥ 10
Playing Card Bow Necklace


♥ 74
Chesire Cat Nesting Doll

Not my best work- But, I still like it a little bit. Somebody out here might like it, I may as well share :)

♥ 0
Alice Liddell's Insane Asylum Makeup

American McGee's Alice : The Madness Returns Cosplay Makeup

♥ 37
Recycled Bottle Jewellery Organiser

An easy and fun way to make a jewellery stand

♥ 11
Alice In Wonderland Dress

A cutesy tea dress suitable for imaginary tea parties

♥ 65
Alice In Wonderland Inspired Clutch Purse

Curiouser and curiouser.

♥ 14
Fascinator Top Hat

A small hat for silly occasions!

♥ 19
Down The Rabbit Hole

Alice Bracelet from an old watch :D

♥ 62
Mad Hatter Hats

If you’ve a wedding, garden, mad or fancy dress party to attend, one of these hats is sure to get you noticed.

♥ 252
Giant Rose Lights

Make some Alice & Wonderland rose lights for your garden.

♥ 24
Wonderland Card Gaurd

Painting the Roses Red

♥ 60
Cheshire Cat Shoes :)

shoes for my tiny footed friend :)

♥ 221
Make Your Own T Shirts In 5 Minutes

Great for the thrifty crafter!

♥ 108
Alice In Wonderland "Um" Dress

alice in wonderland "um"

♥ 45
Cheshire Cat Ears

And the mome raths outgrabe.

♥ 6
Ice Cream Cup Top Hat

I scream you scream we all scream for... umm what is it...oh yeah ICECREAM

♥ 7
Fabulous Mad Hatter Hat

Recycle some old tights and a chocolate box into a fabulously mad hat!

♥ 71
White Rabbit Hat

Look great for a very important date

♥ 11
Alice In Wonderland Bottle

Drink me!

♥ 36
The Mad Hattress

My first ever How-to!! XD

♥ 9
Laserjet Stickers

Sweet and easy sticklets.

♥ 61
Alice In Wonderland

Double Sided Necklace of Mad Hatter & Alice

♥ 22
Alice In Wonderland Engagement Fingerless Gloves

A little bit of Wonderland for you. Easy inspired fingerless gloves made for a little more warmth

♥ 101
Alice In Wonderland Jewelry Tree

Off with her Jewelry! She did an awful job painting my roses!

♥ 493
Mini Mad Hatter Hat

I don't need no hat to make me mad... but I want one anyways :D

♥ 51
Drink Me Necklace

Keep your magic potion always at hand and you're never far from the Land of Wonder!

♥ 34
Top Hat

Muhahahaha! I shall eat ur brain with hat?

♥ 1
Drink Me! Bottle

A little piece of Wonderland for you! Great for cosplay and decoration!

♥ 17
Alice Ribbon Bow Headband

A cute, easy project inspired by Alice in Wonderland

♥ 168
Alice In Wonderland Gloves

difficult but rewarding project.

♥ 19
How To Frame Your Embroidery In A Hoop.

framing in the hoop

♥ 67
Alice In Wonderland: Necklace Charm

Alice is so cute!

♥ 35
Alice In Wonderland Necklace

definitely not poison

♥ 723
Fimo Alice In Wonderland Pocket Watch

Don't be late for a very important date

♥ 33
Felt 'Eat Me' Cookie

Dont eat these!! :P

♥ 54
Alice In Wonderland Bottle

My altered art bottles are fun to make!

♥ 83
Mad Hatter Eye Makeup

Totes inspired by the Mad Hatter from the Disney version

♥ 74
Alice's Apron

Alice's apron

♥ 40
Alice In Wonderland Pin Up Embroidery With Pattern!

Alice pinup embroidery

♥ 35
Playing Card Hairclip

A hairclip fit for the queen of hearts.

♥ 747