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Dryer Sheet Bows

Reuse Dryer Sheets as Gift Wrapping Accessories that Smell Great!

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Blood And Guts Pot

Nice.... O.o

♥ 8
Felt Sugar Skull

Dia de los Muertos

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Totally Revamp A Boring Old Pen!!!

Stylish, fun, and SUPER comfortable to write with!!! Perfect for back-to-school time :)

♥ 12
T Shirt Yarn Tutorial

Re purpose your old T shirts into useful and versatile cotton yarn!

♥ 9
Flower Pushpins

Now you can enjoy the beauty of a garden in your home or office!

♥ 4
Photo Strip Bow

Make a bow out of those fun photo booth sessions with your friend!

♥ 19
Plastic Bag Beads

enjoy making these beads!!

♥ 5
Homemade Clothing Tags

Diy personal clothing tags - great for your business or on gifts!

♥ 53
Mouse Pincushion

Mouse Pincushion Video Tutorial

♥ 32
Resin Beads

Making resin beads

♥ 3
Silver Chain Making

Making your own silver chain allows you to have so much more control over how your jewellery looks.

♥ 7
Easiest Pom Pom Ever!!

Honestly, it's faster and easier than the cardboard way!! You will love it! Promised :)

♥ 2
Hollow Book

A hollow book to keep things secret :)

♥ 152
Case The Joint Craft Caddy

Pack a craft caddy to be prepared for any occasion!

♥ 76
Mini Stampers

Mini stamps, maxi fun!

♥ 4
Polymer Clay Dim Sum

Yum! Har gow!

♥ 1
Child's Adjustable Apron

Easy-peasy apron for kids that will grow with them, but make it a bit larger and grown-ups can use it too.

♥ 0
Polymer Clay Teeth For Tribal Jewellry

Make your own cruelty-free faux animal teeth to use as elements in tribal jewelry and accessories

♥ 36
Pincushion Mannequin

pincushion, mannequin, pincushion mannequin, earring holder

♥ 12
Paper Beads


♥ 1
Chiffon & Tulle Flower

French Pouf! Chiffon & Tulle Flower DIY

♥ 38
Union Jack Heart Patch

God save the queen...

♥ 29
Hummingbird & Flower Patches

made of floral fabric :)

♥ 6
Manly Man Keychain

Another Father's day gift :)

♥ 2
Custom Patch

Make your own custom patch!!

♥ 7
How To Make Your Own Patches

quick & easy

♥ 18
Fabric Flower

These flowers are made using my husband's old shirts, makes it easy and fun

♥ 14
Cute Cupcake Pin Chushion

A cute alternative for storing all your sewing pins

♥ 9
How To Make Your Own Scratch Off Cards

A simple way to make some fun scratch off cards!

♥ 225
Bobbin Holder

Yet another bobbin holder

♥ 8
Baby Shoe Pincushions

Perfect for pin-sticking!

♥ 4
Fabric Covered Buttons

Easy way to revamp boring buttons for whatever..

♥ 22
Cactus Pincushion

A cute addition to your crafty desk!

♥ 16
Pin Cushion

French Country Chic

♥ 22
Cotton Reel Holder

French Country Chic

♥ 8
Mod Podge

save money with decoupage & get the same great results

♥ 71
Crayon Melt

A beautiful rainbow dripping with color...

♥ 33
Fake Leather

Looks real!

♥ 3
Easiest String Design Ever Invented (By Me)

Wear it in your hair,hang it on your bag,make many to adorn your bedroom door,and so much more!

♥ 0
High Heel Pin Cushion

Awesome Pin Cushion

♥ 10
Diy Pin Cushion

In need of a new pin cushion? This is easy and super cute!

♥ 16
Hand Made Sewing Kit!

Simply sewn sewing kit made with scrap fabric! Organize all your sewing gear!

♥ 22
Phone Makeover Using Recycled Paper!

blitz out your phone with this DIY project made from paper

♥ 3
The Fancy Pins

Pins, Bead, Rainbow, Easy, Free, Redecorate , Time

♥ 8
Woodgrain Lighter Set

perfect gift for the forest smoker in your life!

♥ 11
Dixie Cup Rainbow Crayons

The quickest, easiest, mess free way to make rainbow crayons!!

♥ 1
Sewing Matryoshka

Mother’s Day Sewing Matryoshka

♥ 64
Real Quick Heart Stampers!

Saw these somewhere. pintrest? I'm just sharing the wealth.

♥ 2
Heart Shaped Needle Keeper.

Heart shaped needle keeper.

♥ 1
My 'Whatever' Frame

decorative frame

♥ 2
Yo Yo Pincushion

How to Make a Yo-Yo Pincushion

♥ 17
Crochet Hook Case

For crochet on the move

♥ 13
Needle Book Classic

Sugar Paper’s Needle Book Classic by Seleena Laverne Daye

♥ 14
Nail Polish Gems

Cute and simple. Good for use in future projects.

♥ 11
Liberty Peacock Pincushion

Sew an elegant peacock pincushion from Liberty fabric.

♥ 88
How To Make A Gift Ribbon Bow

Watch my video tutorial ;)

♥ 13
Making A Stencil

An easy way to make a stencil to add to your favorite shirt!

♥ 7
Bow Hair Clip


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