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Bottle Cap Stampers

Bottle Cap Stampers

Recycle old bottle caps and make an awesome set of DIY stampers!

♥ 761
Recyle And Make Your Own Beads
Beads >

Recyle And Make Your Own Beads

Making your own Recycled Beads

♥ 656
Book Beads
Beads >

Book Beads

these beads feature little 'pages' that you can turn

♥ 649
Bubble Beads
Beads >

Bubble Beads

Turn pictures into bubble beads.

♥ 639
Dress Form

Dress Form

i’m a mummy

♥ 425

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Pom Pom Tutorial By Yak

Finish it with a pom pom!

♥ 0
Diy Denim Pencil Case

double sided pencil case

♥ 0
Mini Advent Calendar 2 Go

DIY mini advent calendar 2 go

♥ 0
Simple Felt Needlecase

How to make a cute simple needle case from felt

♥ 2
Diy Triangle Organizers

Easy to Make Geometric Organizer

♥ 6
How To: Chain Tassel

Make your own chain tassel

♥ 2
Paper Organizer

paper organizer made from cearel boxes

♥ 1
Diy Heart Stamps

An awesome Valentine's Day craft!

♥ 2
Pencil^2 Case

Make it a pencil case or a toy, this cute crochet pencil is sure to be a hit

♥ 6
Tin Can Pincushion

The Ultimate Recycle

♥ 3
Organizer with Recicled Jeans

Little handy organizer/basket done recycling an old pair of Jeans

♥ 0
Anchor Printed Fabric

Ahoy! Add a nautical touch to some plain canvas.

♥ 2
Detachable Laptop Keys Pencil Case

Detachable keys to customise any bag or pencil case

♥ 0
Paper Flower

Easy tissue flower

♥ 1
Esay And Cheap Reinforcment Labels For Papers

easy reinenforcement stickers for your projects or notes

♥ 1
Diy Easy To Make Ear Pins

Simple and stylish

♥ 5
Miniature Macarons

almost real

♥ 3
Strawberry Pin Cushion

Sweet and Sassy

♥ 5
Rolled Paper Rose

Fun Paper Craft!

♥ 13
Scrappy Needle Keeper Tutorial

Use your scrap fabric for this easy to sew project

♥ 3
How To Make A Fishtail Loom Band Bracelet

Make a fishtail loom band bracelet

♥ 1
Wrist Pincushion

Slap on wrist pincushion

♥ 0
Stiffening Aida Fabric

Rage Against The Fridge

♥ 0
Leather Flowers

Made By Yourself

♥ 3
Hook And Eye Clasps

Jewelry For All Seasons

♥ 10
Decorated Matchboxes

For my Wicca Altar :3

♥ 3
Crushed Midnight Stone ✯

Little quartz stones can be crushed into powder!

♥ 8
Spring Country Pin Cushion Ring

pin cushion ring

♥ 2
Butterfly Thumb Tacks

Don't you wish you had a Butterfly or Butterflies on your wall?

♥ 6
Pen Friends


♥ 1
Diy Stamps In Two Different Ways

Two different ways of creating stamps

♥ 5
Diy Paper/Magazine Gift Bows

Turn colorful magazine ads into beautiful gift bows!

♥ 11
Tea Light And Candle Plate Pincushions

Dress up a plain pincushion with a glass tea light or glass candle plate base.

♥ 5
Pretty Little Pincushion Ring

A handy little pin holder.

♥ 61
Vintage Needle Case

Stash your stray needles and pins in this pretty case!

♥ 3
Nice Paper Craft

Save our world !

♥ 1
Giant Pom Poms

DIY Fashion Shoot Book

♥ 6
Toggle Branch Buttons

A DIY nature craft

♥ 18
Old Dressform Turned Glamorous

Vintage wicker dress-form turned Glamorous

♥ 1
Covered Binder Clips

Add a little fun to your basic office supplies

♥ 3
Hand Painting Yarn

Spinning and Dyeing Yarn

♥ 6
Building A Kick Spindle

Spinning and Dyeing Yarn

♥ 14
Pattern Weight / Free Pdf Pattern

Easy and Pretty Pattern weight with PDF Pattern

♥ 39
Make Your Own Rainbow Loom

Handmade rainbow loom

♥ 7
How To Make Bias Tape

Do you ever wonder how to make bias tape? I will show you how easy it is!

♥ 25
Stand Up Pincushions

Cute little picture frames make even cuter pincushions!

♥ 2
Sweet & Quick Marshmallow Pin Cushion

100% Calorie Free Sewing

♥ 1
Scrappy Flower Tutorial

Great way to use scraps and other small pieces in your fabric stash.

♥ 16
Tag And/Or Bookmark

Ladies Retreat Bookmark

♥ 1
Beach Ball Paper Beads

Use these simple, colourful, lightweight beads for all kinds of jewelry making!

♥ 35
Ribbon Organizer

This ribbon organizer is made from a recycled tin can

♥ 9
Sparkling Bag Handles

Quick easy idea for any accessories!

♥ 1
Walnut Shell Pin Cushion

A cute way to store your pins in the middle of a project

♥ 1
Hot Glue Seal

How to make a wax seal without fire

♥ 16
How To Drill Holes Into Stones Or Glass

For making natural beads.

♥ 67
You Better!!!

a cute fun game to make ur otherhalf :-)

♥ 1
Unique Recycled Paper Beads!

Nice and easy

♥ 4
Diy Sweetheart Patch

A quick and adorable way to mend pants.

♥ 4
Mushroom Pin Cushion

A cute and practical mushroom pin cushion made from a single sock and scrap fabric.

♥ 42
Pet Santa Hat !

lolz i made a cute hat for my cat to get into the festive spirit ! it even has ear holes :)

♥ 0
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