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Black Divided Box From A Shoe Box

Pretty storage box covered with black fabric

♥ 4
Menu Board

stay organized with this easy menu board

♥ 6
Crochet Cupcake Container

Turn your used plastic containers into cupcakes!

♥ 124
Decoden Sweet Jar Tutorial

You'll never throw away a jam jar again!

♥ 40
Jamaican Altered Bottle

upcycled functional art...decantor gifts

♥ 1
Ribbon Chalkboard

A banner to hang above a favorite photo or print? A welcome sign for your door? Your choice.

♥ 6
Doodled Jars

Perfect for storing office supplies, bathroom essentials, moonshine, whatever... I mean, who doesn't like fancy jars?

♥ 20
Altered Bottle I'm Yours

for valentines day!

♥ 2
Re Vamp Old Chair  Ombre Style + Chalk Board Paint

Personalize an old chair!

♥ 1
Chalkboard Jars

Easy DIY storage solution with recycled jars

♥ 4
Candy Dish Gift

glass dish with cover and a brass candle stick holder

♥ 2
Cupcake Box

Easy cupcake made with felt XD

♥ 9
Decorated Bottle

An antique bottle revamped with some decorative paper

♥ 1
Small Paper Gift Box

Makes a great wrapping idea for a small gift.

♥ 11
Everything Is Coming Up Roses Basket

Happy Home

♥ 12
Easy & Affordable Wine Rack!

Make a quick, easy, custom wine rack from 4" cardboard tube

♥ 3
Hama Bead Portal Box

Cute portal cube box for something :)

♥ 27
Paper Boxes

An easy way to make your gifts more personal!

♥ 18
Yarn Storage

easy & cheap storage for bobbins & thread spools

♥ 1
Secret Book

a secret place for your treasures

♥ 4
From Paint Can To Chic Brush Container

why trash when you can repurpose?

♥ 9
Gratitude Jar

Deocrative and filled with happy thoughts!

♥ 14
Felt Piggy Bank

keep your money safe in this cute sealed piggy bank

♥ 29
Life Memories Bulletin Board

Make Your Very own Memories Board!

♥ 1
Tea Boxes

Tea boxes decorated with napkins

♥ 1
Diy Chain Bottle Cover

Decorate a wine bottle, with a DIY chain cover

♥ 7
Decoupage Box

simple idea to make your box prettier!

♥ 0
Origami Boxes

show of with these cool boxes

♥ 3
Yarn Storage

The perfect storage solution for your stash!

♥ 13
Christmas Cardboard Box

A simple and nice design of a box :)

♥ 10
Diy Chalkboard Key Hangers

DIY Chalkboard Key Hangers

♥ 0
Diy: Blackboard Project

these are great for having around the house

♥ 0
Tiny Gift Boxes

The best gifts come in small packages.

♥ 138
Diy Wall Art/Bulletin Board

an easy DIY wall art

♥ 8
Make Your Own Memory Keepsake Box!

The perfect gift to give at a shower, or to exchange trinkets in with your friends!

♥ 5
Handy Heart Knock Off

A cute memoboard for the thrifty (broke).

♥ 7
Hanging Mason Jars

Hanging Mason Jar Tutorial-Quick and Easy DIY Project

♥ 15
Melted Record Plates

These are so simple my dog could do it or simply a 6year old could but be cautious can it is hot!you can put food or accessories in it or anything you won't and if your not happy with it just remelt it and try again :)

♥ 3
Owl Treat Pail

Make a coordinating treat pail to go with your owl costume.

♥ 49
Decoupage/ Collaged Box

How to brighten up a dull storage box

♥ 1
Personal Picnic Caddies

Create personal picnic caddies to tote all your outdoor dining (or drinking) essentials

♥ 6
Diy Chalkboard

So Easy, You'll Wish You Did It Sooner!

♥ 8
Mini Framed Corkboard

Small, unique, useful and awesome!! Make yourself a mini framed corkboard!

♥ 2
Mushroom Jars

Recycle Glass Jars

♥ 52
Film Baggie

Film Baggie DIY

♥ 0
Sewing Box ;)

Another creative form of recycle

♥ 11
Vintage Wooden Spool Cork Board

Craft Tutorial: Vintage Wooden Spool Cork Board

♥ 38
Box Disguised As A Book

No books were harmed in the making of this book box :)

♥ 7
Cake Stand Storage

A cute way to store endless things!

♥ 14
Embroidered Ribbon Sleeve

I took some old ribbon scraps and made a sleeve for a glass jar.

♥ 13
Hollow Book

A hollow book to keep things secret :)

♥ 155
Diy Chalkboard

diy chalkboards that are fun to make and are great gifts

♥ 66
Magazine Woven Box With Lid

great for party favors or stashing stuff!

♥ 170
Decoupaged Pinup Girl Recycled Pump Bottle

A fancy bottle for your liquid soap or lotion!

♥ 25
Memory Jar

I really suck at taglines--Just click on the project!

♥ 10
Box: Napkins

a medium sized cardboard box decorated with napkins

♥ 0
Small Wooden Box

A wooden box decorated with napkins

♥ 2
Mercury Glass

DIY Mercury Glass

♥ 26
Personalized Guitar Pick Box

A simple, fun project.

♥ 5
How To Make Paper Bowls

Paper bowls out of recycle paper

♥ 10
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