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Tea Boxes

Tea boxes decorated with napkins

♥ 1
Diy Cushioned Jewlery Boxes

Personalized Gifts

♥ 5
Wine Bottles To Vases

Turn those lovely blue, wine bottles into one-of-a-kind vases!

♥ 27
Re Vamped Jewelry Box

So pretty all black and blue.

♥ 6
Decoupage Box

simple idea to make your box prettier!

♥ 0
Origami Boxes

show of with these cool boxes

♥ 3
Yarn Storage

The perfect storage solution for your stash!

♥ 12
How To Make A Light Bulb Vase

Make a really cool light bulb vase that actually lights up!

♥ 24
Make Your Own Memory Keepsake Box!

The perfect gift to give at a shower, or to exchange trinkets in with your friends!

♥ 5
Handy Heart Knock Off

A cute memoboard for the thrifty (broke).

♥ 7
Hanging Mason Jars

Hanging Mason Jar Tutorial-Quick and Easy DIY Project

♥ 15
Owl Treat Pail

Make a coordinating treat pail to go with your owl costume.

♥ 48
Decoupage/ Collaged Box

How to brighten up a dull storage box

♥ 1
Bug Display Case

Bug Collecting made cheap!!

♥ 18
Personal Picnic Caddies

Create personal picnic caddies to tote all your outdoor dining (or drinking) essentials

♥ 6
Ombre Wrapped Bud Vases

A quick and easy way to add some color to simple bud vases.

♥ 4
Ring Around The Rosy Vase

This is one of those aha! projects

♥ 12
Diy Chalkboard

So Easy, You'll Wish You Did It Sooner!

♥ 8
Mini Framed Corkboard

Small, unique, useful and awesome!! Make yourself a mini framed corkboard!

♥ 2
Mushroom Jars

Recycle Glass Jars

♥ 51
Film Baggie

Film Baggie DIY

♥ 0

How to redecorate an old vase!

♥ 2
Candy Corn Bottle Vases

These candy corn vases are so cute, you might just want to eat them!

♥ 37
Vintage Wooden Spool Cork Board

Craft Tutorial: Vintage Wooden Spool Cork Board

♥ 37
Box Disguised As A Book

No books were harmed in the making of this book box :)

♥ 7
Cake Stand Storage

A cute way to store endless things!

♥ 14
Embroidered Ribbon Sleeve

I took some old ribbon scraps and made a sleeve for a glass jar.

♥ 13
Stitched Phone Cozy

I lovee it!

♥ 3
Magazine Woven Box With Lid

great for party favors or stashing stuff!

♥ 170
Memory Jar

I really suck at taglines--Just click on the project!

♥ 10
Box: Napkins

a medium sized cardboard box decorated with napkins

♥ 0
Earring Frame!

Very easy project and very practically for your earrings.

♥ 16
Small Wooden Box

A wooden box decorated with napkins

♥ 2
Pencil Vase

Anyone, yes ANYONE can make this cool vase!

♥ 30
Mercury Glass

DIY Mercury Glass

♥ 26
Personalized Guitar Pick Box

A simple, fun project.

♥ 5
Burlap Container

Burlap Container Tutorial

♥ 14
Bike Box

A cute box to use for almost everything!

♥ 11
Jewelry/Accessory Display For $1

a cheap way to organize your favorite thing's

♥ 4
The Button Box

A cute little box covered in buttons!

♥ 2
Make A Vase Out Of Sticks!

Spruce up your decor with a rustic vase!

♥ 110
Storage Boxes

DIY your home!

♥ 39
Coffee Gift Bag

Make a simple gift of a bag of coffee extra special with a little hand-stitched bag!

♥ 8
Etched Jars

Make your own Cricut stencils to etch customised jars!

♥ 28
Rope Bowl

How to make this cute little bowl out of simple sisal rope

♥ 11
Black And Purple Jewerly Box

a dark jewerly box for your make up, jewerly or whatever

♥ 5
Love Bottle

just take a look!!!

♥ 3
Tea Towel Tidy

A lovely little tidy, for your lovely little things

♥ 1
Inspiration Box

Make this cute and elegant inspiration box!!

♥ 3
Heart Shaped Paper Basket

Heart shape paper basket

♥ 13
Make A Book Box

For all of your special keepsakes.

♥ 24
Super Easy Organizer

Made from Cereal Box or Other Unuseable Box :D

♥ 23
Simple Vase

This is really easy and it makes a perfect gift for anyone who likes flowers.

♥ 1
Girly Dry Erase Board

My all time favorite creation yet!!!

♥ 22
Simple N Easy Earing Organizer

quick n easy to make n very useful for ur busy days

♥ 5
Jar Of Hope   Inspired By Jordyn J, 365 Reasons

A glimmer of hope for those suffering with infertility

♥ 14
Shoe Box Decoupage

Shoe Box Decoupage <3

♥ 7
Papier Mache Rag Bowls

Decorate some papier mache rag bowls.

♥ 23
Faux Porcelain Pottery

Cheap home decor that looks like a million bucks!

♥ 60
Key Monster

Keeps your keys safe, and hopefully give 'm back when you need them ;-)

♥ 31
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