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Mini Camera Necklace

retro mini toy camera necklace cute

♥ 23
Lace Rose Hair Pins

Cute Hair Pin Madness

♥ 23
'I <3 Music' Ipod Shell

lost in music...

♥ 17
A Camera In A Camera

Camera case, vintage, crochet, free pattern

♥ 50
Love Bites

Vampire Pride!

♥ 14
From Tie To Purse

To hold a phone and card(s)

♥ 42
Cushioned I Pod Sleeve

Protect your iPod from scratches and hard falls.

♥ 4
Revamping Shoes

white worn out to shiny new looking black

♥ 22
Easy Robot Necklace :D

Quick, easy and super cute Robot Necklace :)

♥ 21
Pants To Shorts Refashion

Just because your jeans have holes in them doesn't mean you have to throw them away!

♥ 16
Easy Lolita Head Band

Ever wanted to dress lolita but still be practical for every day?

♥ 21
Pin Up Bow Front Tank Top

An easy top with cute accents in 8 steps

♥ 44
Everchanging Maxi Dress

Added tie gives lots of styling options.

♥ 49
Lace Covered Bangle Bracelet

Upcycle a boring bangle bracelet into a sophisticated lace one!

♥ 60
Cute Bust Enhancing Summer Mini Dress

Use bold patterns with natural hues for the summer bohemian trends.

♥ 52
Fimo Rainbow Rose

When one colour just isnt enough!!

♥ 6
Diy Elegant Lace Shirt

lace cute

♥ 9
Escape The Fate T Shirt Off The Shoulder Reconstruction

cute way to make a to small shirt fit

♥ 98
Funky Dress


♥ 6
Crochet A Pouchy Pouch

Perfect project for the crochet beginner!

♥ 35
Cat Bag Inside

much more comfotable now

♥ 4
Easy Deathly Hallows Earrings

A little wire, a little magic, and you have the perfect accessory!

♥ 99
Sand Dollar Earrings

Perfect to wear at the beach with a matching Sand Dollar Bracelet!

♥ 4
Sew A Cleavage Coverage

It's a fake tube top !

♥ 34
Color Pencils Bracelet

A cute bracelet made of color pencils!

♥ 9
Feather Earrings

With Beads too!

♥ 25
Steampunk Contacts Case

an easy way to make nicer contacts cases

♥ 17
Diy Applique Cupcake Top

cute and sweet

♥ 1
Cassette Print Draw String Bag

Out of a T-shirt, shoe laces and paint (:

♥ 28
Nice Pink Shirt

just refitting t-shirt

♥ 3
Star Spangled Shorts

Patriotic shorts for any occasion

♥ 148
Court Jester Cardigan

Make one and give one!

♥ 36
Grommet Tape Dress Out Of A My Chemical Romance Tshirt

sexy simple dress out of a men's huge t-shirt

♥ 24
Arm Cuff From Cut Off T Shirt Sleeves!

these are simple great ways to use up those abandoned sleeves from you shredded tees

♥ 14
Another Cut Up T Shirt

corset style lacing in the back :D

♥ 15
Felix Felicis Necklace

Faux Felix Felicis finery! Liquid-looking without any liquid.

♥ 184
Fluffy Kid Flip Flops

cute fast project.

♥ 3
Black Goth Wedding Veil

think Wynona rider in Betelgeuse!

♥ 19
Gathered Tulle Garter

sexy sexy

♥ 39
Bag With Studs


♥ 11
Lolita Tiered Skully Skirt

super cut goth/loli skirt

♥ 38
Cut Up Nightmare B4 Xmas Shirt

another one of my t-shier plastic surgery's :)

♥ 12
Easy Lolita Over Skirt

A cute and easy lolita skirt.

♥ 3
Polaroid Phone Case

Keep you iPhone cosy and cute with a polaroid camera style case.

♥ 299
Tie Hoodie

Because everyone needs a hoodie

♥ 5
Diy Camera Bag

My DIY camera bag

♥ 33
Grandma Dress Update

grandma style dress brought to new life

♥ 21
Anne Boleyn Jewelry

Ribbon and beaded choker with matching earrings, inspired by Anne Boleyn

♥ 5

Breathe new life into old soles

♥ 57
Origami Necklaces

Delicately In Your Face

♥ 7
Patchwork Skirt/Dress

flowy patchwork skirt or dress

♥ 17
Cute Cuff Bracelet

cute cuff bracelet our of scraps

♥ 23
Cut Up Laced Up Shirt

have t-shirt will chop the crap outs it

♥ 11
Reconstructed T Shirt Hoodie

niffty hoodie made out of a t-shirt and fabric

♥ 23
Goth Kei/Punk Scrunch Skirt

cute gathered skirt

♥ 33
Beaded Gold Rose Hair Ribbon

A very fancy hair accessory

♥ 7
Wooden Peace Pendant

peace out!!!

♥ 5
Jersey Tie Dye Scarf

A chunkier take on the jersey rag scarf

♥ 52
"Savage" Tape Bracelet

Out of a plastic bottle and tape !

♥ 14
Sand Dollar Bracelet

A perfect accessory to wear at the beach!

♥ 8
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