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Easy Wire And Bead Ring

Cute Rings From TryUnique!

♥ 26
From Old Band Shirt Take Two

Hot damn another how-to

♥ 49
Poppy Headband

A flowery headband make of fabric scraps

♥ 84
Cherry Blossom Tote Bag

cute and stylish Japanese tote, easy and fast!

♥ 23
Trainer Gold's Hat

conquer the Johto region!

♥ 4
Button Ring!

a cute ring using buttons great for small gifts :D

♥ 5
Sin City Off The Shoulder T Shirt Recon

hubby's old shirt gets a new life

♥ 30
Magazine Flip Flops!

Feet & Fashion just seem to go together (:

♥ 12
Plastic Bag

a plastic bag made of plastic bags

♥ 9
Bottle Cap Necklace With No Resin

Super easy and good looking bottle caps

♥ 30
"Finger Knitted" Bracelets

a simple few minute yarn bracelet:] even a fun project that kids can make.

♥ 3
Diy: Refashioned Straw Bag

just for summer!

♥ 11
Paper Jewel Ring

Make a pretty ring using magazine clippings and cellotape.

♥ 5
Late Night Shirt Take Two

Already posted but noooow its a how-to

♥ 236
T Shirt Scarf Revamp!

Now your scarf is a necklace!

♥ 27
Felt Hello Kitty Ring.! (:

cute and simple ring you'll love.!

♥ 3
Robot Brooche.! <3

Adorable Robot Brooche :DD

♥ 0
Hawai'ian Ribbon Lei

Add a little Authentic Hawai'ian to your Lu'au

♥ 80
Day Of The Dead Shoes :)

sugar skull shoes yum :)

♥ 34
Nightmare Before Christmas Shoes :)

funky statment shoes with your favourite gouls :D

♥ 104
Feathers On A Chain Facinator

Make your own feather hair clip for less! Don't buy those expensive, boring versions.

♥ 322
Super Easy Recycled Skirt C:

A nice and cute skirt made from an old bed skirt! <3

♥ 13
Woven Duct Tape Purse

Duct tape purse

♥ 72
"Magic: The Gathering" Game Night Tee

Stenciled shirt for the gamer in your life.

♥ 14

"Royal" handbag

♥ 11
Tassel Earrings

Beautifull little things

♥ 16
Chanel Inspired Belt Tutorial

Belt with Pearls and Chain Inspired by Chanel

♥ 37
What To Do With An Old T Shirt? Make A Bag!

What is this? Your T-SHIRT is evolving!

♥ 47
Staple Bracelet

simple and cute way to get ride of unwanted staples!

♥ 17
Recycled Plastic Bottle Cuffs

A product of sheer boredom and a slight sugar rush x)

♥ 17
Book Charm

A very good read

♥ 41
Moving On Plushie Keyring Gift

wheel on to a new adventure;-D

♥ 13
Leafy Lace Cardigan

This feminine cardigan is a testament to two things I adore — a lacy leaf motif and seamless construction.

♥ 23
How To Sew A Lolita Dress

A lolita dress that costs about $20 sure beats one that costs $200!

♥ 192
Book Nerd Shirt.

Cute and easy to create.

♥ 32
Donna's Dress

2 tops = 1 dress

♥ 19
Dress To Vest And Skirt Nelson Muntz Edition

Be a rebel girl not a bully haha

♥ 0
Easy Fimo Cameo Base

Make your own cameo base and fill with skulls, creepy photos, anything....

♥ 55
My Chemical Romance Side Corseted Deconstructed T Shirt

another way to take an ordinary t-shirt n make it something great

♥ 60
Skull Isle Socks

Knitting socks with intricate colorwork is my favorite challenge.

♥ 40
Flower Locket

a cute little summer locket to wear :]

♥ 3
Nyc Crop Top Tutorial;

A simple tutorial on how to transform a t shirt into a crop top, also with an added section on cutting the sleeves right off for a more edgy look. Can be done with any t shirt.

♥ 12
Peacock Chain Earrings

How to make peacock chain earrings chainmaille technique

♥ 31
How To Make A Hogwarts Cloak In Any House Coulers

how to make a cloak for dressing up as a hogwarts character . ps running around your house in these cloaks is the best fun ever

♥ 13
Piano Key Bangle

A pretty fast and easy way

♥ 30
Cute Earrings (Easy)

What a great customizable gift! SIMPLE, FAST, FUN!

♥ 10
Costum Toms Shoes!

They don't just help people around the world they are CUTE!

♥ 8
Piano Key Bangle Bracelet (And Other Jewelry)

Piano Key Bangle Bracelet and other jewelry made from fimo clay

♥ 12
Fishtail Braided Headband

the fishtail braid any hair type can wear!

♥ 19
Ribbon And Chain Bracelet

it looks expensive, but it's not!

♥ 17
Lane's Band T Shirt

A re-creation of the shirt Lane was wearing at one of Hep Alien's gigs

♥ 48
Slashed & Patched Capris

Old jeans to fab new capris.

♥ 16
Simple Decorating Sunglasses

things to do if you want to decorate your sunglasses

♥ 11
Hooded Cowl

Hot and cool at the same time!

♥ 45
Colourful & Colourless

Oh-so-rainbow VS black & white

♥ 6
How To Make A Sweet Lolita/Bow Necklace.

A sweet and simple necklace fit for a princess.

♥ 36
3 Strand Floating Necklace

A cool necklace that can dress up a plain outfit.

♥ 25
The Transformable Shirt, Convertible Top.

A shirt you can wear ten different ways.

♥ 21
Harry Potter Wand

Not to be confused as a magicians wand

♥ 7
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