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Swirrrll It Around !! :D

swirrrrrly rings

♥ 47
Recycle Old Sock To Lipstick Cozy:)

keep in safe your lipstick!!

♥ 5
How To Make A Hair Fascinator

Burlesque,Lolita,Dolly Kei, FASHION

♥ 109
Zipper Brooch !!

spice up your plain teezz with a funky zipper flower brooch !!

♥ 6
Old Sock Coin Cozy

Recycled old socks:))

♥ 4
Flash Disk Cozy From Old Sock:)

protect your USB memory:))))

♥ 3
Funky Head Piece

i just had to make my own!

♥ 22
Zebra Moustache Necklace

A lovely zebra moustache necklace--what could go wrong while wearing this?

♥ 32
Jeans 2 2 Tiered Skirt

Are your favorite jeans too old, too small, too boring? Here is a great way to remake them and wear them again!

♥ 24
Button Necklace

A great necklace to wear with a plain T-shirt.

♥ 22
A Bag Of Jeans.

it's so simple I'm gonna die.

♥ 33
Flri Tee Skir Tee Top/Dress

A cute and easy top that is good for summer barbecues or fun at the beach

♥ 9
Gothic Rose Trashion Necklace

Make a shiny trendy necklace from old vhs tape, drinking straws a bottle cap and ribbon

♥ 8
From Bottom To Top

Turn those pants into a luxurious top

♥ 8
Leather Owl Bag


♥ 219
Adventure Time Shoes

Hand-painted and ALGEBRAIC!

♥ 177
Top Hat

Black felt top hat

♥ 29
Paper Flower Brooch

Help save the planet with these super eco badges!

♥ 11
Make Your Own Colored Hairclips

birght, dull, shinny, you decide!

♥ 5
'Go Go'/Crazybones

primary school memories...

♥ 7
Folded Magazine Purse

Funky Way to display old, unused magazines :D

♥ 79
Saks Fifth Avenue Inspired Bag

The "Akris Shoulder Bag"

♥ 103
Faux Glass Bangle

Fun, Easy, Kid craft, Fashion, Bangle

♥ 211
Printed Logo Apron

Home sewn apron with printed logo (either screen print or potato print)

♥ 1
Glasses Case


♥ 4

from old fabrics

♥ 14
Serenity Prayer Key Chain

Okay, so maybe more of a charm and less of a key chain.

♥ 15
Science Necklace

look like a nerd in style

♥ 59
Lacey  Heels

Spiffy lacy/fishnet heels to spice up your Saturday night =) (also my first project!!)

♥ 67
Fabric Flower Belt

Arm the hippies! :P

♥ 27
Trashion Jellyfish Necklace

Make and etheral jellyfish necklace from a plastic water bottle and used correction tape.

♥ 108
Super Kawaii Heart Clay Rose Ring

Cute and simple ring!

♥ 11
Car Cd Holder

a cute, simple way to store your CDs in the car!

♥ 16
Wrist Cuff Pockets

for ppl that hate a purse when out dancing

♥ 75
Summer's Spring Bracelet

chic to wear,simple to make

♥ 13
Hot Wheel Car Bracelet

Make a cute, chunky, colorful bracelet from Hot Wheels card

♥ 8
From Skirt To Top

so easy

♥ 17
Button Ring

button ring

♥ 20
Cosmic Confetti Bracelet

A fun and colorful glow-in-the-dark bracelet. =)

♥ 10
Spring Earings

These spring earrings are perfect for spring of any other season!

♥ 8
Strapless Summer Dress

A summer dress made from t-shirts

♥ 32
Recycled Sandle Slippers

old cheap sandals to crafty jean sandals

♥ 20
Bottle Cap Necklace

easy and non-messy. :)

♥ 91
Pearl Necklace With Swarovski Crystals

Looks elegant,yet so simple to make.

♥ 8
Denim Bow Ring

Denim Bow Ring

♥ 22
One Shoulder Shirt


♥ 71
Card Wallet

make your own super snazzy wallet

♥ 18
Make Your Own Fimo Resin Ring

easy to make fimo resin ring or mario and edie sedgwick

♥ 51
Feather Beaded Hair Clip

Easy and Quick Hair accessory.

♥ 21
Picnic Themed Trashion Necklace

Turn trash into a unique Summer statement necklace

♥ 7
Ruffled Romper Nightie

Be cute even in your dreams ^_^

♥ 142
Artsy Boots

Laced Up boots, oldies with a new kick!

♥ 11
Knitted Round Shawl For Spring And Summer

Easy to make and perfect for cold summerdays

♥ 9
Bra Corset. Most Comfy Thing You Will Ever Wear.

To create the perfect fitting midway corset to hold up the top heavy ladys who still wish to run.

♥ 28
One Of A Kind Jeans

Unique and wow-tastic

♥ 33
Tipple Rose Ring

rose ring

♥ 16
Dressy Thingy

My first attempt at dress making!

♥ 30
Josephine Bracelet/Knot


♥ 128
Summer T Shirt Reconstruction!

A new summer tube top in your wardrobe this summer? I think so.

♥ 50
Strapless Top With Hearts

Recycled from 2 t-shits

♥ 22
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