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How To Make A Halter Top


♥ 41
Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Xmas Tee

Good ole Jack....

♥ 3
Peace T Shirt

tear it up yourself!

♥ 65
Skull And Rhinestones

Skeleton key pendants

♥ 24
How To Make A Cardigan In 15 Minuits

all you need is a long sleeve shirt a sweater and some little extra fabric from a dress that you would like to wear the cardigan with

♥ 68
Pencil Jewelry

Jewelry from those old pencils lying around.

♥ 23
Mini Circle Skirt

Never Out Of Fashion

♥ 277
Ribbon Rose Bobby Pins

These are little ribbon roses that I sewed on to bobby pins, fun for fancy up-do's or a cute accessory for everyday!

♥ 4
Pokemon Bottle Cap Keychains

Recycled/Upcycled Pokemon cards

♥ 81
Recycled Clothing Bag

A new bag made out of an old cardigan and skirt or scrap fabric

♥ 23
Lite Brite Headband

It's always a good day to have a rainbow on your head :)

♥ 10
Simple Dimple Clucth

cluctch bag,fashion,designer bag,leather,metal zippered.

♥ 3
Patchwork Dress

Never get enough of Patchwork.

♥ 6
Bandage Skirt From Piecec Of Old Jeans ...

skirt old jeans pieces bandage sewing

♥ 58
Pimp Your Hoodie

give your Hello Kitty hoodie the finishing touch!

♥ 12
Bright Bats Plastic Hair Clips

Kids' Halloween rings are too cute not to upcycle!

♥ 10
Mcdonalds / Carls Jr. Sandwich Bag

Great for holding sandwiches! Earth Friendly!

♥ 6
Yo Gabba Gabba Plex T Shirt Applique

For all those Yo Gabba Gabba fans out there I made this for my son during the YGG craze...

♥ 2
Vintage 50's Cat Inspired Panties

Uping the cute factor to a pair of granny panties

♥ 3
Rainbow Cardigan

Four seasons, Timless & for all ages.

♥ 19
Peter Pan Collar Top

A quick, easy and feminine t-shirt reconstruction

♥ 129
Taco Ring!

Now you can have the comfort of tacos everywhere you go!

♥ 21
Lace Headband

A easy-to-make Vintage Headband

♥ 4
Single Button Bracelet

easy and quick!

♥ 5
Companion Cube Hat

Celebrating Portal 2!

♥ 19
Algerian Key Chain (Drapeau Algérien)

Cute Keychain

♥ 0
Fringed Shorts

Shorts with fringing sewn along the pockets

♥ 46
How To Make A Hat

Summer Time <3

♥ 7
Table Cloth

A Cute table cloth apron! its SUPER CUTE!

♥ 4
Not Your Usual Bustle Skirt

Steamy, punky version of a burlesque icon

♥ 6
Hello Undead Kitty Tote Bag.

Mmmmm brainssssssssss. Purr purr.

♥ 14
Turtle Cell Phone Charm

This little guy will keep your phone company.

♥ 2
Spiral Seed Bead Bracelet

Or seed bead rope?

♥ 70
Stretchy Waist Belt
Belts >

Get an hour glass shape or finish your look.. :)

♥ 11
Jump Ring Bead Bracelet

Simple, But Pretty

♥ 23
Flower Ring

Easy Peasy

♥ 20
Colored Pencil Ring


♥ 32
Spring/ Summer Shoe Makeover

Here is your three step spring/summer shoe makeover!

♥ 5
Be Happy Purse

Purse made from t-shirt and extra fabric

♥ 1
Carkeyring Made Of Meds Wraps

how to a keyring car made of meds wrappings or, just a very green crafty car:-)

♥ 8
Zombie Pirate Shirt

Zombie Pirates!!!! Love it!!!!

♥ 6
Homemade Cami With Bra Straps

really easy and cute

♥ 15
Newspaper Gauges

Make really easy awesome gauges out of newspaper or magazines

♥ 15
Fimo Bangle

I'm liking it...will you??

♥ 3
Feather Earrings

Inspired by Cher

♥ 42
How To Make Custom Clip On Fangs

They look REAL!

♥ 503
Crisp Packet Keyrings

minature crip packets= cuteness

♥ 22
Poplin Pocket Top

Cropped, Loose zip-less shirt you can make yourself with basically no pattern!

♥ 16
Dvd Case To Leopard Clutch

Little clutch to hold cards, paper money & other flat things :)

♥ 51
Another Chainmaille Bracelet

Mistake? Uh-uh, I meant to do that ;)

♥ 20
Heart Shaped Hair Band

Make a removable heart to decorate your hair band

♥ 65
Tapered Co Leopard Bow Front Dress

Hey, here comes Alex!

♥ 23
Turn An Oversize Button Up Shirt Into A Poet Style Shirt

Peasants, Ladies or Pirates. Whatever tickles your fancy.

♥ 63
A Tulle Hair Bow

It takes just 2 min to make it and now sewing :)

♥ 44
Rose Hairclip

a verry cute rose hairclip...

♥ 10
Simple Dress Made From T Shirt

A few cuts and snips and a belt make this super cool dress for a night on the town

♥ 40
Felt Rose Hairclip

Add character to your hairstyle with this sweet hairclip

♥ 23
Felt Skull Headband

cute meets evil

♥ 2
Swingy Cd Earrings

Earrings made from a CD

♥ 17
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