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How to preserve those beautiful flowers you got for your anniversary (:

So my mom taught me this neat trick. to preserve your roses after theyve already lived their beautiful life you just pick a spot and hang them upside down for a few days about a week or so give or take. when they are done you will deff know. so take them and put them in a vacant vase and set as a decoration. but you can also freeze em , but thts a different story.

Sweet Potato Plant

Sweet Potato Plant

It reminds me of a bonsai tree, but it is only a houseplant

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How To Transplant Your Favorite Cutting

How To Transplant Your Favorite Cutting

grow your favorite house plants in a cute, portable jar without the cost of buying a whole new plant!

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Pom Pom Plants!

Pom Pom Plants!

Pom pom plants!

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Fabulous Fabric Plant

Fabulous Fabric Plant

Make a fabric plant that never needs water!

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How To Bonsai A Juniper

How To Bonsai A Juniper

How to make A Juniper Bush look like a bonsai tree!

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House Plants From Veggies & Fruits!!!

House Plants From Veggies & Fruits!!!

nice & ez houseplants from veggies & fruit from the supermarket!

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I've been doing this with the roses my boyfriend has given me. I now have two bouquets hanging from my ceiling (since it's a pretty high ceiling) and will do so with the next bouquet too. It's very nice decoration :P


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