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Jump rings

Making your own jump ring is fun, quick and easy to make. Although, Round nose pliers or mandrel is generally used. You can also use regular objects work really well. The objects you use will determine the size of your jump rings, eg; a marker is perfect if you want to make larger jump rings.

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  1. How to make a jump rings. How To Make Your Own Jump Rings - Step 1 1

    Cut a piece of wire in the length of your choice. Or work directly from reel or coil.

  2. How to make a jump rings. How To Make Your Own Jump Rings - Step 2 2

    Wrap wire very tightly around your chosen object, this is the start of your coils.

  3. How to make a jump rings. How To Make Your Own Jump Rings - Step 3 3

    Keep coiling till your desired length.

    Take the coils off your chosen object, cut the first and last coils, this should be discarded as they only serve to help hold the coils in plce.

  4. How to make a jump rings. How To Make Your Own Jump Rings - Step 4 4

    Cut the remaining coils one at a time.

  5. How to make a jump rings. How To Make Your Own Jump Rings - Step 5 5

    The completed rings, ready to be used in your favourite project.

    You can toughen the rings by hammering them on an anvil or steel block. Use flat nose and chain nose/bent nose pliers to open and close.

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0range_rayne · US · 12 projects

nice tutorial. i myself use a Philips screwdriver.

Scarlet-Begonias · US · 15 projects

Thanks! Now I know what to do with the half-pound of 20g wire I bought on a whim at a dollar store.. :D

Dee S.
Dee S. · GB · 41 projects

Thanks to everyone who faved this tut. I am really encouraged and will be posting more tuts in future, that is if you don't get too tired ...., LOL.

Seriously, this is the best craft site ever, I've never come across so many talented people in my life.

PS: I love the cookery tuts too.

Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel · , ,

Hi Dee, I use this method too as it's so simple. I also make spring ends this way for leather necklaces :)

Dee S.
Dee S. · GB · 41 projects

There are so many ways of making jump rings but I am not keen on anything to do with drills. Although, I do use a drill for twisted wire only because it is quicker!!

Maladignia · NL · 85 projects

What a wonderful idea! And I just happen to have bought a nice length of copper colored wire. :D

Here's an other approach:
My boyfriend started a chain mail project once and he made his own rings by putting a threaded rod onto a drill and then, with the drill on slow, guiding the wire on by hand. Afterwards you can screw the wire coil off of the threaded rod and cut the rings. Of course he needed lots and lots of rings and the wire he used was rather stiff.

Sugarlishes · US · 136 projects

awesome! Going to try this out!! thanks for the tut :D


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