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Pretty Easy

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Rapid City, South Dakota, United States
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dont like buying expensive pore strips? make your own!

i learned this from michelle phan :D
all you need is:
a makeup brush, a foundation one works good
1 tsp gelatin
1 tsp milk
and a small microwaveable dish
here we go:3



  1. 1

    take your dish, pour in the milk and gelatin and mix it all up

  2. 2

    then put the dish in the microwave for about 10 seconds, or until its a sorta thick liquid

  3. 3

    get your brush, check and see if the mix is hot, once its warm, not too burning hot, brush it on your nose

  4. 4

    wait ten minutes, peel it off and look at all the stuff on it! its pretty cool and sorta gross!

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