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Pretty Easy

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Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States
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recycled bottle caps turned into cute love tokens! Great for Valentines Day!!

With Valentines day coming up I've been brain storming for some crafty ideas. I saw a project on one of my favorite blogs where a girl made buttons out of recycled bottle caps. I thought they were SO cute and that it was such an easy project. I'm giving my boyfriend an antique love token from the early 1800's for valentines day, and after seeing the button blog I realized I could make some new cute love tokens as well! So, that is where this idea came from. It's very easy and free! How much better can that get!




You Will Need


  1. How to make a coupon. Homemade Love Tokens! - Step 1 1

    First I rounded up some regular old bottle caps. Mostly from any old glass coke bottles or beer bottles things like that. Luckily I have an old coke machine that was full of old caps.

  2. How to make a coupon. Homemade Love Tokens! - Step 2 2

    Next you're going to want to find a hard surface wether that be a rock, brick or a solid piece of flat wood and hammer the caps flat. Make sure there aren't any small edges sticks up on the bottom because they can be sharp.

  3. How to make a coupon. Homemade Love Tokens! - Step 3 3

    After that comes the painting. Pick whatever colors you would like (I used acryllic paint) and paint away. Don't paint the bottom, just the top, and set your flattened caps out to dry. It may take 2 to 3 coats of paint depending on the paint you use.

  4. How to make a coupon. Homemade Love Tokens! - Step 4 4

    Next comes the fun part, making up your messages to put on your tokens. I used things such as "kiss token", "love", "massage token", "Ti Amo", "Je t'aime" basically anything lovey dovey I could think of. Nicknames would be cute too. I used a thin tip paint pin to but write on these and it was very easy.

    Hope ya'll enjoyed the project! :-)

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