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Pretty Easy

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Temerin, Vojvodina, RS
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homemade dandelion honey

Tastes almost like real honey.
Its great to add to cookies,to sweeten your tea,and if you add it to plain lemonade it will give a great,sweet and refreshing drink.
And its much cheaper then real honey.



  1. Step 1 1

    Gather the things you will need:
    -1O g of dandelion (you only need the flowers)
    - 1,5 kg sugar
    - 2 tablespoons of vanilla sugar
    - 2 whole lemons sliced
    -1 l water

  2. Step 2 2

    Wash the flowers and the lemon.
    heat up the water,put the flowers and lemon in and cook for 3O minutes.

  3. Step 3 3

    Pour off the water from the flowers and lemon in to another pot.

  4. Step 4 4

    Get a spoon and poss the lemons and flowers a few times to get out the fluids.

    You can throw away the lemon and flowers,you only need the water now.

  5. Step 5 5

    Put the water back on the stove and add the sugar and vanilla sugar.

  6. Step 6 6

    Cook it for 12O minutes.Dont forget to stir it all the time.It wont look so sticky like honey until it cools down.

    Leave it to cool a bit,pour it in jars and voila!your fake honey is done!:)

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