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Nice 'n' Simple

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, Pennsylvania, United States
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A simple hemp ring that is easy to make and easier to wear!

I was running out of hemp cord and wanted to make something out of it, so I decided to make a ring. It was pretty easy and I'm really happy with the way it turned out. Give it a try!



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  1. How to make a band ring. Hemp Ring - Step 1 1

    First, cut your hemp. Measure the finger (or toe) you want your ring to be for. Use that measurement and then add about 3 inches. You want to have enough to tie off when you're done.

  2. How to make a band ring. Hemp Ring - Step 2 2

    Then measure out a reeeeally long piece of hemp, to do the knotting with. You're only going to have THREE (major emphasis on THREE! 3! TRES! THREEEE!) cords, instead of four. Then tie your strings together, make sure your strings are long enough at the top of the knot to tie together with the other end later.

  3. How to make a band ring. Hemp Ring - Step 3 3

    Now put your strings on a clip board (or safety pin them to a pillow, whatever really.) And start hemping like you normally would, but only tying the knots around the ONE middle string, since you only have THREE strings. If you don't know how to hemp, check out this website. I used this website when I learned how to hemp. NOTE: Make sure that when you are hemping you are alternating the strings you use to tie. If you just use the same side everytime to tie the knot it will end up swirly.

    (Please note that by using this website I'm not promoting hippies or hippie philosophies.)

  4. How to make a band ring. Hemp Ring - Step 4 4

    When you're ring is about half way done stop and add your bead to the middle string and keep hemping.

  5. How to make a band ring. Hemp Ring - Step 5 5

    Keep going until it's long enough to go around your finger (or toe).

  6. How to make a band ring. Hemp Ring - Step 6 6

    Once it's as long as you want it, cut the ends of your hemp so they're all even. Then sew the ends together with a heavy upholstry thread. You can also just tie the ends together, but the knot comes undone and the ends fray and don't look as nice.

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