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Formerly known as heel condoms, but it's a stupid name.

This is not going to be a how-to because every pair of heels is going to be different. But I'll briefly explain how I did it. I got an old t-shirt I didn't wear and cut it in half and cut off the sleeves. I got my boots and fitted the material to the heel. I had to cut an arch of material then cut a slit in at the top so it would lay flat. Then I just attached another bit of material to the bottom and added straps then added the buttons to make it look really cute.


D.I.Y Stud Boots
Boots >

D.I.Y Stud Boots

This d.i.y is super easy and can make a normal staple in your closet a hell of a lot more fun.

♥ 242
Restyle Old Boots With Belts
Boots >

Restyle Old Boots With Belts

You'll figure out rubbish isn't the only solution.

♥ 93
Cut Out Boots Diy

Cut Out Boots Diy

Dare to cut your old boots!!

♥ 13
Easy Pirate Boots

Easy Pirate Boots

My boyfriend was a hit with them =D.

♥ 18
Brand New Boots
Boots >

Brand New Boots

your favorit boots are boring?make them look as new ones!

♥ 124
Knee High Boots Into Ankle High Boots
Boots >

Knee High Boots Into Ankle High Boots

Transform your knee high boots to booties

♥ 77



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