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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
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Another heat free curling method for your moptop! <3

I don't use heat on my hair often because I'm growing my hair out. But, I love me some curls in my hair. So, without scorching my hair with my curling iron, I just grabbed two hair ties instead.

These curls are touchable and soft and last all day with a light hairspray.




You Will Need


  1. 1

    Of course, the first step is to wet your hair. You can shower, but I opted for a spritz bottle.

    It should be wet but not dripping.

  2. How to style a curly hairstyle / wavy hairstyle. Heat Free Curls - Step 2 2

    Using a wide tooth comb, comb out your hair so it's tangle free.
    And then separate it into two sections vertically.

    If you have longer hair, don't section it. But, I have medium length layered hair, so I needed to section.

  3. How to style a curly hairstyle / wavy hairstyle. Heat Free Curls - Step 3 3

    Take your hair and a wrap a hair elastic around it, just like a pony tail but instead of pulling it all the way through, leave a little tail, like a poorly made bun. Then, wrap the tie around the hair again, but stop at the middle of the bun.

    Repeat for the bottom section.

  4. 4

    Then sleep!
    Or waste a bunch of time.

    It's actually really comfortable to sleep in because nothing's digging into your head, nothing's slipping and nothing's in your face.

  5. How to style a curly hairstyle / wavy hairstyle. Heat Free Curls - Step 5 5

    After you wake up, undo the ties on your buns and let the curls billow down.

    Separate them and style as you like.

    And, tada! Some more heat free curls for you. These curls border the line of waves, but they are still pretty gorgeous.

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