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Diy Multi Photo Frame From Old Frames
Vial And Scroll Necklace
Long Feather Necklace
Batman Necklace
Memories from a movie-premiere

I have a plain white picture-frame i have wanted to decorate for quite a while now, so I decided to finally do it. The picture is from the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1, wich I went to with a couple of friends. We all dressed up, so I decorated the frame to match the picture. Along with the picture are handwritten quotes from Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and The Hunger Games.

The Deathly Hallows charm is from a necklace I previoulsy made and hung up with normal thread. The golden snitch I made especially for this project. It is made from a wooden bead I painted gold, and the wings are recycled plastic stamped with silver (and coated with clear nail polish to make the colour stick)It's suspended with golden wire :)


Gold Nugget Photo Holder

Gold Nugget Photo Holder

find your Zen, and rock on!

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Weeping Angel Lenticular Picture Frame

Weeping Angel Lenticular Picture Frame

Don't Blink.

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Branch Picture/Card Holder

Branch Picture/Card Holder

All it requires is a walk in the forrest and a piece of your prettiest ribbon.

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Ribbon Picture Holder

Ribbon Picture Holder

a unique and easy way to show off your favorite pictures

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Picture Frame From A Card

Picture Frame From A Card

Cheap and easy picture frames for a scrapbook

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Collage Mirror And Frame

Collage Mirror And Frame

Use your old cosmetics packaging to interestingly decorate a custon sized mirror and frame!

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