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Pretty Easy

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Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, IT
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Square small bluegreybuttons
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Hand painted, badges, pins, acrylics, abstract...

This project is super easy:) Just express your fantasy or immagination and let me know what you made :) Love You CO+K community!!!




  1. 1

    The badges can be directly painted over with acrylics, do a thick layer of the foundation colour...

  2. 2

    Then express your own doodling on that little space large enough to be colourful, no worries...

  3. 3

    If you can't be asked waiting for it to be dry, use they hair dryer ot expose them under sun...depending on your climate or weather ;))

  4. 4

    To protect them to be lasting longer you varnish them with the varnish...nail varnish is ok, or water based varnish or "flatting"(pretty chemical though) ...Voilàààà... ^_^
    Am curious about yours....

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