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This can be danberous to make. Wear eye protection and gloves!!!!!

I had a Wiccan friend who needed a ceremonial knife, but couldn't afford one. I made her this. She eventually bought one so she gave me this one back. The blade will not stay sharp (it's angle iron, a relatively soft material,) but she said it didn't need to be sharp. The pock-marks in the angle iron gave the blade a really cool texture in the center.

The blade goes all the way through the handle. The dowel for the handle was originally plain. I used a dremel tool to make the swirly.

Lots of machinery and busted knuckles involved in this one. Super cool though.


Gold/Black Mandalorain Armor

Gold/Black Mandalorain Armor

This is a WIP. Keep watching for more updates

♥ 8
Paper Claws

Paper Claws

great for cosplay or halloween...

♥ 4
Pip Boy 3000

Pip Boy 3000

Vault Tech

♥ 24
Wand Of The Creasent Moon

Wand Of The Creasent Moon

A major Weapon of Sailor Doodle that later becomes Wand of The Crescent Blue Moon

♥ 2


Scottish Targe

♥ 4
Vincent Valentine's Claw   Do C Style

Vincent Valentine's Claw Do C Style

New Cloak + Revamped Claw = Awesomenss

♥ 31



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