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Nice 'n' Simple

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Houston, Texas, United States
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Ghoulish ghost decorations

I made these cute little spooky guys in about 20 minutes if you include paint-drying time. =) They look GREAT and glow like crazy but of course, my cell phone camera didn't capture the amazing glowness.

Plus they are CHEAP and recycled!




  1. 1

    Collect a few milk jugs, I used gallon sized ones but I'm sure skinny ghosts from the half-gallon jugs would look great too. If you can't drink that much milk before Halloween, do what I did and ask friends/family!

  2. 2

    I painted the caps black because I had no white paint, but I think they'd blend in more if they were white. But definitely paint them because mine were a mix of blue and red and that's SO not Halloweeny

  3. 3

    Align them up so that all the sides with the label are facing the back. Using black acrylic paint (I bet a sharpie would work too), paint some ghoulish faces.. I made mine up as I went along.

  4. How to make a decorative light. Halloween Milk Jug Ghosts - Step 4 4

    I used a razor and cut out a hole in the back, using the sticker label as a guide.

  5. 5

    Then I divided a strand of 100 orange Halloween lights ($3.50 at Walmart) into 4 parts and shoved them inside.. I think clear lights would look better because Ghosts are white and not orange.. but its all I could find.

    You could also use those battery powered tea lights, just don't use a real candle or anything that emits a bunch of heat!

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