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Corryton, Tennessee, United States
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Cute little doll.

I made this Dotee Doll for a swap on swap-bot. The theme was our partner's favorite colors. I chose blue and green and used a vintage fabric and vintage buttons. The tail is made of glass seed beads.





Learn to crochet this simple amigurumi doll!

♥ 0
Nina The Rag Doll

Nina The Rag Doll

Rag Doll

♥ 18
Violetta Gothic Doll

Violetta Gothic Doll

Knit a gothic doll.

♥ 48
Korn "Issues" Doll

Korn "Issues" Doll

"All i want in life is to be happy"- Korn 'Dead'

♥ 30
Goddess Doll

Goddess Doll

Sewn goddess dolls

♥ 63
Sock Doll

Sock Doll

Simple and Quick Rag Doll

♥ 4



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