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1/4 my blogs lottery award!

I'm from Finland, I don't speak english very much. :)
Well, I use a yoghurt can and a piece of fluting to make body for the hat. I glued them together with hot-setting adhesive. Then I overlayed hat with velvet and made some details with ribbons and velvets. I'm sorry for my bad english, I wish that pictures will tell more than thousand words! ^^



Gothic Trilby : )
Fedora >

Gothic Trilby : )

I reconned an old tog tooth hat... so it suits me better. :-) im now selling it in the shop! :-)

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Denim Dip Dye Fedora
Fedora >

Denim Dip Dye Fedora

C'mon, denim goes with everything, right?

♥ 46
Fendora Hat Of Sweetness
Fedora >

Fendora Hat Of Sweetness

yuck turn that hat into style!

♥ 3
The Martena
Fedora >

The Martena

That kooky Mlle Kou designed this hat for our dear Martena.

♥ 104
Hat For An Old Sailor
Fedora >

Hat For An Old Sailor

A Christmas present for my Grandad.

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Batman Fedora!
Fedora >

Batman Fedora!

New twist on an hat

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