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Tacoma, Washington, US
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A throne for your cell to rest on when not in use. :)

I made this because I wanted something I could set my cell phone on in my bedroom.



Iphone/Ipod Holder

Iphone/Ipod Holder

A fun idea with old cassette cases

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Hold It Up Phone Pillow

Hold It Up Phone Pillow

give your phone a rest

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I Pod Touch Case Stand

I Pod Touch Case Stand

Sew a combo Case & Stand for your phone or e-reader!

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Awesome Phone Holder :)

Awesome Phone Holder :)

its pure awesome <3

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Diy   Tonari No Totoro Phone Holder

Diy Tonari No Totoro Phone Holder

Phone holder with clay figurine representing Totoro from Studio Ghibli's movie Tonari no Totoro

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Queen of the Sidhe
Queen of the Sidhe · Tacoma, Washington, US · 119 projects

Thanks a bunch! :) I've seen some fancy dragon cell holders, and regular "couches" or "chairs" for phones at stores like Claire's and Icing, but I didn't like those- except the fancy dragon holders :), but couldn't afford them. :)

Emily A.
Emily A. · Fargo, North Dakota, US

I've seen Barbie-like phone couches, but I like this much better. Awesome choice.


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