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Version This project is a version of Goonies Messenger Bag by Expired Sanity

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Nice 'n' Simple

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Chicago, IL, United States
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Based on Goonies Messenger Bag by Expired Sanity

I originally saw this and thought it was amazing. My boyfriend then mentioned how he wanted a messenger bag, I mentioned this, and he gave me a pair of his old pants. On the inside, I sewed the pocket of the pants so there is an additional pouch inside. The pocket on the outside just uses the zipper of the pants.

Messenger Bag From Old Clothes

Messenger Bag From Old Clothes

Summercoat and cotton/linen pants become a lined bag

♥ 52
Another School Bag

Another School Bag

Made out of 2 pairs of old school trousers and an old shirt that was too small :)

♥ 14
Amu Messanger Bag

Amu Messanger Bag

Fun bag that can be used for anything

♥ 172
Man Bag With Guitar Strap

Man Bag With Guitar Strap

A manly bag for a rock-n-roll guy

♥ 6
Tardis Bag

Tardis Bag

TARDIS, Doctor who, bag, messenger bag, police box

♥ 49
Hinamori Amu Cosplay Bag

Hinamori Amu Cosplay Bag

atashi no kokoro.. unlock!

♥ 657



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