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Schipluiden, Nederland
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David the gnome

Happy in his cozy little garden.



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  2. How to make a terrarium. Gnome Terrarium - Step 2 2

    My guess is if you just ask the shop assistent where to find little plants you put in a terrarium you'd be fine, but I've made a little list just in case.

    - Moss
    - Miniature ivy
    - Miniature orchids
    - Miniature ferns
    - Hepaticas
    - Small palms
    - Succulents

    If you decide to buy the following prune them before hand.
    - Baby tears
    - Spider plants

  3. How to make a terrarium. Gnome Terrarium - Step 3 3

    Wash the glass container with soap and warm or hot water. dry completely

  4. How to make a terrarium. Gnome Terrarium - Step 4 4

    Put the stones on the bottom of your jar (I used the ones you can also put in an aquarium because I liked it to have some colour). Fill it with about 2,5 cm (1")

    Put some charcoal on top, about 1.5 (half an inch)

    add 5 cm of potting soil on top (3")

  5. How to make a terrarium. Gnome Terrarium - Step 5 5

    Get the plants out of the pot and remove the soil around the roots of the plants.

    Make holes and place plants in there. You could do this with a spoon. Place taller plants in the back. Water the soil with a plant sprayer but don't overwater the soil.

  6. How to make a terrarium. Gnome Terrarium - Step 6 6

    Now you van decorate it with figurines rocks, or whatever you like.

    Place your terrarium in indirect sunlight.

    Feel with your finger if the soil in your terrarium is dry. If so, water it.

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