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Glow in the Dark Non-Alcoholic Martini (2 Methods)

This fun recipe is a real crowd-pleaser at parties, especially around Halloween time. These are best served in a dark room or one with minimal light for maximum wow-effect. Make them about a half-hour before the party, or the seltzer will go flat. (If you're using a non-carbonated recipe, feel free to make them further in advance, however the glow steps must be made less than a half-hour before serving.)

(Please excuse the bad photos, I'll put in better ones very soon.)



  1. How to mix a mocktail. Glow In The Dark Martini (virgin Version) - Step 1 1

    First off, start out with some cute decorative martini glasses. (These drinks are best served individually, rather than having guests ladle it out of a punch bowl.)

    Please excuse my horrid pictures as my camera currently sucks. d: I'm going to do this again and take better pictures. Also, the entire glow step has no picture because the flash on my camera was broken and wouldn't turn off, I'll take pictures with my mom's camera later and add in new pictures)

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