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Navy glitter rocks my neon pink world.

I've gotten this weird obsession with the navy blue and neon pink combo.....it somehow makes me think vintage London craziness.i absolutely love it!And I've always loved hearts!


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    So first the phone cover.get a pink one and draw a heart on it. Now take your glitter and pour it into some pva glue or mod podge and mix really well.Add a lot of glitter!

  2. 2

    Paint the heart with the glitter mix. After its dry,put another coat of it and sprinkle glitter on top.After its kinda dry,mod podge the whole thing.

  3. 3

    For the headphones...take an old pair and clean it well.Take the glitter mix and apply wherever you want.i did it on the part near the jack,and on the bottom of the sticks of the ear parts.And also that adjustable thing.Let it dry and put another layer and sprinkle glitter.

  4. 4

    Then take a neon pink sharpie and color in places where it looks cool.Varnish everything with spray .

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