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Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, GB
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Bling bling your shoes!

How i added rhinestones to my Voi shoes, very cheap and easy.



You Will Need


  1. How to make sneakers. Gem Up Your Shoes - Step 1 1

    Grab what you need:
    Rhinestones (i used 3mm ones for these shoes which i bought from eBay for less than £2 for 1000 gems)
    Super glue (the gems wernt put onto fabric so i wasnt worried about spillage onto fabric they were put onto acrylic paint, if you are putting the gems onto fabric i would get a proper glue for fabric as when the super glue hits fabric it gives a look that its always wet even when dry)

  2. How to make sneakers. Gem Up Your Shoes - Step 2 2

    Get adding!

    I only done one rhinestone at a time as the glue dries very quickly, i put them onto the middle of my stars, if you dont have a similar design on your shoes you could add them in a mixed way on the section you want.
    Then your done!

    When i get some proper fabric glue i am planning on doing the front toe bit with the same colour gems.

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