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My share on galaxy nails + link to the tutorial I followed!

I’m in love with anything space-related and I couldn’t be any happier that this is now part of a fashion trend! :) I came across this excellent tutorial on how to make galaxy nails and decided I had to try it out:

The glitter ( = the stars) really added the finishing touch to it!

I want to share what colors I used because it isn’t described in the tutorial (only as “light” and “bright” colors). It actually doesn’t matter what brand of nail polish you use (mine are usually just cheap ones). Nail polishes I used (in order):

La Femme Beauty Basecoat
Black from Layla
Mint from La Femme Beauty
Pinkish red from Oriflame
Dark blue from La Femme Beauty
Silverado from La Femme Beauty
Saphire (glitter) from Visions
Top coat from The Color Institute

Space Nails!

Space Nails!

Get the Galaxy... on your nails!

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Diy: Galaxy Nails

Diy: Galaxy Nails

The galaxy at your fingertips!

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Lost In Space Nails

Lost In Space Nails

houston we have a problem....

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Galaxy Nails

Galaxy Nails

I love galaxy nails!

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Galaxy Nails

Galaxy Nails

galaxy nails :)

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Galaxy Nail Art

Galaxy Nail Art

Galaxy style nail art

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