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Turn your old sock into an adorable little bear.

This is very similar to my Gloomy Bear plushie, but it looks cleaner. Basically, I took a blue fuzzy sock and cut it to its shape, stuffed it with scrap cloth, and sewed it closed. I embroidered the mouth and eyes into the face. There's no need to actually sew separate parts onto the sock except the ears and embroidered flower.

But anyways, hope you like it! :)



Amigurumi Rilakkuma

Amigurumi Rilakkuma

Go crazy for Rilakkuma!

♥ 39
Totoro Plush

Totoro Plush

Grinning Totoro makes you grin, too :)

♥ 17
Polar Bear With Scarf

Polar Bear With Scarf


♥ 25
Baby Pip Teddy Bear

Baby Pip Teddy Bear

Sew an adorable baby teddy bear.

♥ 134
Kero Chan Amigurumi

Kero Chan Amigurumi

This is my version of Kero from Cardcaptor Sakura.

♥ 125
Fluffy Teddy Bear!!

Fluffy Teddy Bear!!

This teddy is easy to make, and can be made in many different ways!! :)

♥ 14



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