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renew :)

I had some old sweater just standing there in the closet so I decided its time to trow it away or do smth with it :) At the end I made a vest with leather hearth applications and lots of colorful buttons :)

Got rid of the sleeves, attached my applications and buttons and did some tiding of the edges after cutting using a white wool :)

I think it doesn't look that bad at all :)



Winter Vest

Winter Vest

Turn a blazer and vest in to a jacket.

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Various Vests

Various Vests

3 vests I made by drafting my own pattern, for each one I made, I tweaked the pattern slightly.

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How To: Super Duper Easy Vest

How To: Super Duper Easy Vest

Y'all asked for a tut. so here it is enjoy

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Faux Fur Vest

Faux Fur Vest

P.S. I made this... faux fur vest.

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Vest Out Of A Blazer

Vest Out Of A Blazer

Turn a blazer or suit jacket into a vest

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Corset Vest

Corset Vest

My Awesome Corset Vest For Work

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