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Torrington, Connecticut, United States
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A classic turned new!

So I have looked all over the internet and I have not seen this done anywhere. But I was just sitting in my room unable to sleep because of a caffeine rush and i happened to see my bag of embroidery thread. And I thought.... RING! because I'm obsessed with them lately. Anyway but i simply made a really really short friendship bracelet and tied it loose around my finger.

Ring 1


Beaded Ring

Beaded Ring

A very simple and cute beaded ring that you can realise in less than 30minutes!

♥ 28
Cat Ring

Cat Ring

Molly - Cat ears turn this simple wire ring into something extra special.

♥ 58
Wire Heart Finger Ring Diy

Wire Heart Finger Ring Diy

Make one for yer sweetie!

♥ 321
Freeform Multibead Wire Ring

Freeform Multibead Wire Ring

The beauty you could produce with a little patience and imagination:) AND ITS LIKE A PEACOCK ON YOUR FINGER!! ;D

♥ 327
How To Make A Duct Tape Ring

How To Make A Duct Tape Ring

How to make a super cool ring out of duct tape!

♥ 205
Fimo Ring

Fimo Ring

A ring in one piece

♥ 214



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