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Nice 'n' Simple

You Will Need

Almost Nothing
More swapping stuff...

+ The pink book is Arty KitKat's open on my page
+ The black book with the bunny on is the one I made to send on!
+ The green book with the owls on the front is Martha's, and my page with the owl is in Martha's book!

I can't wait to see my book all filled in at the end :D


Environmental Scrapbook

Environmental Scrapbook

A scrapbook of environmental awesomeness!

♥ 0
DIY Fashion Magazine

DIY Fashion Magazine

Create your own fashion magazine, full of things you like, without the adverts or irrelevant content.

♥ 241
Text Covered Altered Book

Text Covered Altered Book

Recycle old hardcover books and show your love! Valentines Day!

♥ 42
Adventure Book (Up)

Adventure Book (Up)

The Adventure Book from Up

♥ 0
Diy Color Inspiration Book

Diy Color Inspiration Book

A cute and easy way to make a book of color to be inspired by!

♥ 1
Adventure Book   Up Pixar

Adventure Book Up Pixar

For everyone who wants to join this adventure

♥ 28


cherrymiya1 H.
cherrymiya1 H. · 2 projects

its so cute


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