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Corryton, Tennessee, United States
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Fold Your Own French Fry Box!

These little boxes can be used as party favors, to store pens/pencils, or just about anything else you can imagine!

I apologize for not taking pictures, but this project is super simple so you shouldn't need them.




  1. 1

    First you will need to download the template which is available here:

  2. 2

    Print the template out on cardstock or cut out the template and trace it on thick paper.

  3. 3

    Once you've cut out your template, score the dotted lines with a bone folder or some other scoring tool. This makes it easier to fold on the dotted lines.

  4. 4

    Fold the dotted lines, and now your box is taking shape!

  5. 5

    Glue or tape the side flaps together and voila, you have a French Fry Box!

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