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Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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More Canny Stuff (Flowers)

Well, I am now for the moment fed up of making bags with my old soda and larger cans, so I have to do something else!
So here are my tin can flowers! I did have more pictures but they are somewhere on my computer...I don't know where? :o( My camera stopped working yesterday, so I have had to use and old phone camera (cos the 1 I have now on my phone is PANTS!)
I made them in a similar way to making a button bouquet, but used my Big Shot and paper punches!They are not to hard to make, I cut myself more on paper than tin! But I still use my gloves with the tin! SAFETY FIRST!
I hope you like them! They also tinkle in the breeze to!
Off for a cuppa and to look for my other piccies! :O)


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