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Dracut, Massachusetts, US
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Based on Flower Pen by francis gene

I saw the original for this project, and it looked I tried it.

Flower Pens

Flower Pens

Pretty pens made for the office.

♥ 15
Wrap Up Pen

Wrap Up Pen

Here is a little something you can do to snazzy up a pen!

♥ 3
Aaa Looking For My Pen.

Aaa Looking For My Pen.

Have you ever noticed that all your school mates have your kind of pen, you often lose it and you aren't able to say WHICH is yours?

♥ 11
Scoobie Pens

Scoobie Pens

Cute and crazy pens decorated with scoobies!

♥ 2
Scented Pencils ;)

Scented Pencils ;)

I just don't like the smell of regular pencils ;)

♥ 23
Pencil Drumsticks

Pencil Drumsticks

You'll never be bored at class

♥ 112


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