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College Station, Texas, US
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Cute Flower Bows!

I made some resin pieces that were cute, but I didn't really know what to do with them next. My daughter, the one with the pink, comes up and says "you could put it in my hair." That's my girl, Awesome idea. and I think they came out pretty good... The flowers are actually from another tutorial, I just tweaked it to my liking.. the images are from scrapbook paper I found. I sewed the flowers together to make them more sturdy and hot glued them to the clip.



Button Barrettes

Button Barrettes

make one for every outfit!!!!

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Can Tabs Bow

Can Tabs Bow

can tabs thats you can wear as a hair accessory ^^

♥ 49
Bloody Felt Bows

Bloody Felt Bows

Why, yes, my head is in fact bleeding.

♥ 71
Lana Del Rey Inspired Floral Headband

Lana Del Rey Inspired Floral Headband

First seen on Lana Del Rey, you’ve gotta admit its everywhere. Make your own!

♥ 45
Lace Bow :)

Lace Bow :)

lace,bow, easy,hair

♥ 52
Duck Tape Hair Bow

Duck Tape Hair Bow

A cute little Duck Tape bow for any situation!

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