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West Monroe, Louisiana, United States
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Math + Art = Sexy!

I did this quilt for a project in art history! Women in the arts. (So of course we had to do quilt projects. Something doesn't seem quite right about that...)

It's a foundation pieced log cabin in the fibonacci number pattern. I did it to show how ludicrous the myth of the underground rail road quilt code is. My English teacher from highschool, a good friend and quilter, helped me and I am forever grateful to her!

Right now it's on my bed, and it's covered in cat hair. My cat just loves it. I do to. But how can you not love something that size that you conceptualized and completed in 14 days. @_@ I was finishing it the day of my class!

I bought nice fabric, so it was fairly pricy, and there isn't a '14 days' button on the clock. Seemed much, much longer. But, pulling multiple all nighters will do that to a person.


"The Princess Bride" Quilt

"The Princess Bride" Quilt

"The Princess Bride" made into a quilt for an English project

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T Shirt Quilts

T Shirt Quilts

For compulsive T-shirt hoarders

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Very Simple T Shirt Quilt

Very Simple T Shirt Quilt

Slightly cheating!

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Fox In The Bed Quilt

Fox In The Bed Quilt

Keep it simple like me and Mr Fox!

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Blue Green Quilt

Blue Green Quilt

My quilt for life

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Gryffindor Quilt

Gryffindor Quilt

House quilt present :)

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