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Nice 'n' Simple

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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An eco-friendly solution!

You know how at most coffee joints they have those cardboard sleeves to put your cup in so that you don't burn your hand?

Why not be a bit more enviro-friendly and make one you can keep in your purse to re-use each time?

I made this holiday-themed one, but also made some with words like Mocha and Latte, etc.

Just keep your cardboard sleeve next time you go to the shop and cut it in the back so you can spread it out flat. Then cut the felt out a bit bigger than that so you can make a nice decorative hem and then glam it up with some embroidery or beads or felt cutouts before you sew up the back.



Felt Can Cozy

Felt Can Cozy

a nifty gift for any beverage-from-a-can drinker

♥ 5
Doctor Who Tardis Coffee Cozy

Doctor Who Tardis Coffee Cozy

With the Doctor's two hearts this cozy is perfect!

♥ 6
Mug Corset

Mug Corset

a different kind of coffee cozy

♥ 177
Diy Sweater Coffee Sleeve

Diy Sweater Coffee Sleeve

Revamp a sweater in to a coffee sleeve

♥ 3
Cute Owl Coffee Cup Cozy!

Cute Owl Coffee Cup Cozy!

make your trips for coffee cute!

♥ 83
Crochet Mug Cozy & Coaster

Crochet Mug Cozy & Coaster

With a spoon holder

♥ 9



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