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About this project

Pretty Easy
felt cupcake

A cute cupcake handmade from felt!





  1. How to make a cupcake plushie. Felt Cupcake - Step 1 1

    Ok, first of all, you choose the colours you want to be in your cupcake. I chose brown for the base, white for the topping and red and green for the strawberry… (i looove strawberries :P )

    Then, cut out a circle. Remember not to cut it tooo big becuase the bigger you cut it, the bigger your cupcake will be ^^

    After this, you need to cut out a stripe of the (in my case brown) felt again. This needs to be wrapped around your circle…

    Then take some yarn and sew these 2 things together. After you have done it, turn the inside out and stuff the base.

    Cut out a not really round piece of your topping-coloured felt. It has to be a little bit more big than your cupcake base…. Cut out many of these not-so-round shapes and get smaller every time. To let the topping be more “real”, sew another piece of smaller felt on the first two “steps” and stuff it with what ever you use to stuff. (I use cotton)

    Sew all the “steps” together. You only need to make one stitch in the middle and back… ;)

    Then, finally, put the two things – base & topping – together. You only have to sew the topping onto the base.

    Hooray! Your basic cupcake is DONE! :D

    Well, and every cupcake needs some decoration! I decided to put a strawberry on it, but you can do whatever your fantasy tells you to….

    For the strawberry, cut out 2 pieces of red felt in the right shape of that fruit <3 And then, cut out grrrreeeeen felt in the shape of leves. It’s pretty easy. Just sew the parts together, stuff and then sew the strawberry onto your topping.


    Now, you can put a bow around the cupcake, like I did oder maybe put them into cupcake forms…

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