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Pretty Easy

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, Iowa, United States
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lasts longer than paper chain

Made this reusable felt garland like the paper chains we used to make as kids to put on the Christmas tree. It's about 12 foot long, we'll see if it makes it all the way around the tree, otherwise I'll need to lengthen it. It was actually pretty easy to make and didn't take much time, so I'm happy!



Decorative Tissue Paper Chains
Chains >

Decorative Tissue Paper Chains

Really useful for ANY party decoration

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"Making Christmas, Making Christmas  Falalaaaa!"
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"Making Christmas, Making Christmas Falalaaaa!"

Homemade Christmas decorations by poor lil' me!

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How To Use Maple Leafs Diy Rose
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How To Use Maple Leafs Diy Rose

rose, DIY, maple leafs, autumn

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Starting Paper Chains.....4 Xmas!
Chains >

Starting Paper Chains.....4 Xmas!

The Simple Pleasures of Life?

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