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Baby Guinness

A sweeter, smaller Guinness.

♥ 72
Leprechaun Marionette

Great for St Patricks Day!

♥ 5
Stencil A Shirt

How to stencil a shirt.

♥ 386
Napkin Ring Pincushion

Pincushion with Super Powers!

♥ 20
Ear Earring Holder

Vincent Van Gogh Severed Ear Earring Holder

♥ 64
Homemade Baileys

delicious drink

♥ 131
Candy Sushi


♥ 298
Pink Guinness

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a Pink Guinness.

♥ 57
Apple Strudel

Delicious Apple Strudel: Baked Apple Pouches with Cinnamon and Raisins. Yummyy.

♥ 34
Vinyl Record Bowl

You can easily turn any old, unwanted vinyl into a unique bowl!

♥ 1087
Reading Rainbow Swap Adjustable Book Cover

Just like the ones you used in school, only way cooler.

♥ 95
Orange & Cinnamon Soap

Smell and taste delicious by making yourself some orange and cinnamon soap.

♥ 172
Fan Bag

Sew a fan shaped bag.

♥ 343
Guitar Picks

Rock on with DIY guitar picks.

♥ 126
Homemade Breakfast Bars

Delicious and healthy

♥ 49
Luck Of The Irish Fortune Cookies

It's St. Patrick's Day, Let's Party!

♥ 116
Plastic Cup Pencil Holder

Turn A Broken Plastic Cup Into A Pencil Holder =)

♥ 27
Circular Bag

I can sew circles ... not!!

♥ 345
Fabric Wristcuff

I love wristcuffs!

♥ 120
Monster Coin Purse


♥ 251
Fishy Pillowcase

dress up a pillowcase

♥ 15
Felted Beads

Make some cutesy felt beads.

♥ 73
Laptop Cosy

Woolen Laptop Cosy

♥ 40
Make Up Pouch

Simple Pouch for Tobacco, Make-Up, ...

♥ 178
Bottle Cap Stampers

Recycle old bottle caps and make an awesome set of DIY stampers!

♥ 760
Butterflies And Fruit Pleated Tote

Butterflies and Fruit Pleated Tote

♥ 547
Bottle Top Necklace

An easy to make ecofriendly bracelet made from bottle tops and some elasticky stuff ! ! !

♥ 106
River Tam

the perfect thing for those who like the shape of tams but don’t have enough hair to wear the larger ones

♥ 66
Star Cakes

They Fell From The Night Sky Onto Your Plate

♥ 57

A Crafty Striptease: Pasties Tutorial

♥ 351
Burger Cookies

Burger sugar cookies

♥ 310
Simon Tam

Simon is a hat. A tam, to be exact.

♥ 165
Keyboard Purse

Knit an awesome keyboard purse.

♥ 488
Button Necklace

Buttons, buttons, buttons!

♥ 68
Pumpkin Pin Cushion

to keep all your pins handy!

♥ 74

How To Make A Softie

♥ 214
Soda/Beer Can Ashtrays

ashtrays made from cans!!

♥ 986
Delicious Felt Donut

Like donuts but not the calories? Worry no more!

♥ 333
Tuna Sushi Rolls

A quick snack!

♥ 97
Soap Confetti

cute idea for gift giving

♥ 152
Short Shorts!

Who likes short shorts?!

♥ 240
Mug Corset

a different kind of coffee cozy

♥ 175
Lucky Stars

Cute, Cuter, Cutest :)

♥ 1476
Arizona Tea Can Bracelet

What to do with all those cans!

♥ 95
Playing Card Hairclip

A hairclip fit for the queen of hearts.

♥ 747
Toothbrush Bracelets

Toothbrush Bracelets

♥ 374

Stitch a pretty jumper top.

♥ 697
Heart Shaped Fried Eggs

Spice up breakfast in bed by making your fried eggs heart shaped.

♥ 145
Belle Beret

Knit yourself a gorgeous Belle Beret

♥ 204
Barb Wire Wrapped Heart Necklace

Protect your feelings with a barb wire wrapped heart necklace.

♥ 448
Bottlecap Hairclip

A fun, funky little hairclip.

♥ 149
Chinese Paper Yo Yo
Misc >

A fun paper game!

♥ 119
Lightbulb Vase
Vases >

A cute way to recycle old lightbulbs.

♥ 146
Coin Purse

5"x3" fully lined vinyl coin purse w/zipper closure, perfect for my precious rubies.

♥ 169
Rubber Stamps

Create your own rubber stamps!

♥ 162
Mary Poppins Stencil

everybody's favorite nanny

♥ 174
Bath Cookies

easy fun bath cookies

♥ 171
Puffy Paint Sugar Skull!

Not so sweet, but still pretty cool.

♥ 91
How To Make A Tutu

Tutus make everything more fun!

♥ 1056
Fortune Cookie Gift Pockets

Fortune Cookie DIY

♥ 210
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