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Colorbook Magnets

Take the coloring book to the fridge.

♥ 11
Wire Heart Finger Ring Diy

Make one for yer sweetie!

♥ 321
Fruity Pendant Necklace

An easy & quick necklace with a lot of intricate looking details

♥ 5
Charming Bracelet

nice to try

♥ 31
Weekday Brooch

Old H&M brooch re-vamped

♥ 11
Anthropologie "Frozen Waves Earrings"

Diy for cheap!

♥ 60
Teacup Candle

Turn an old or chipped teacup in to a scented candle.

♥ 89
Pompourri Rug

Make a rug out of pom poms!

♥ 488
May Challenge Project 4: Daisy Bracelet

Flower, bracelet

♥ 4
Button Ring

button ring

♥ 20
Bottle Cap Necklace

easy and non-messy. :)

♥ 90
Temporary Tattoo Jewelry Box

Great Way to Snazz Up a Project!

♥ 5
How To Make A Very Easy Cute Rings

Very easy and cheap ;D

♥ 19
Clay Locket

Perfect for gifts!

♥ 41
Last Minute Diy Gift Idea 4 Your Mom

a rope bracelet made with bag handles

♥ 96
Heart Clips For Your Huny!

Easy to make wire paper clips to attach to a love note or Valentine!

♥ 100
Owl Brooch

Hoot hoot, sew a cute little owl brooch.

♥ 89
Hand Painted Button Rings

button rings

♥ 110
Wire Wrapped Tree Of Life Ornament

A detailed tutorial.

♥ 1455
Heart Pendant

easy pendant for everybody

♥ 54
Fantasy Film Flower Ring

Create a faux-stained glass flower power ring!

♥ 125
Accessorize Inspired Flower Brooch

Flower brooch

♥ 107
Crocheted Scrunchie

The Crocheted Scrunchie Tutorial

♥ 87
Temporary Tattoo Domino Pendant

Temporary tattoos forever!

♥ 415
Plastic Bottle Earrings

earrings made from melted bottles!

♥ 28
Flower Collage Badge (Pin, Button)

Pretty flowers to brighten your day!

♥ 22
Fish Earrings

Cute and colourful fish earrings!

♥ 43
Magazine Bowls

a great way to recycle your old magazines into a useful item!

♥ 1250
Scrabble Tile Pendant

Scrabble Tile Pendant Tutorial

♥ 1100