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Upstate NY United States 10 projects

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Frustrated Crafter's Projects

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T.A.R.D.I.S Bag

♥ 48
Grumpy Kitty Hat!

♥ 18
Flip Flop Wreath

♥ 13
Dinosaur Bone Necklace

Show your bones, your dinosaur bones!

♥ 309

Easy, fast, crocheted slippers for you and friends!

♥ 102
Zipper Rainbow T Shirt Recon

Just unzip to show the secret rainbow super hero in you!

♥ 585
Diy Loom Tutorial

how to make a loom for weaving

♥ 92
Crocheted Scrunchie

The Crocheted Scrunchie Tutorial

♥ 87
Cappuccino Hat

cappuccino hat with saucer and choc chip cookies on the side

♥ 22
Mint Chip Brownies

A fun minty twist on a brownie! The entire batch lasted less than a day in my house.

♥ 39
Light Bulb Vase

a nice-looking vase for little flowers

♥ 510
Origami Butterfly

It may fly afway...

♥ 583
Cereal Box Books

Recycle old cereal boxes in to books.

♥ 271
Dalek Cake

♥ 7
Pop Tab Purse!!

Ooooh... Shiny.

♥ 363
Facial Cleaning Pads

mm... cleanliness.

♥ 24
Eco Messenger

♥ 4
Long Skirt 2 Chic Dress W/ Straps

Just take your long, bland skirt, and add shoulder straps and a belt for this sharp dress!

♥ 40
Key Cap Tutorial

Mine is Hello Kitty, but yours can be anything!

♥ 156
Mini Framed Picture

Frame up your favorite pictures

♥ 75
Woven Wire Bangle Bracelet

Woven Wire Bangle Bracelet Tutorial

♥ 261
Rubber Ducks

♥ 5
Mini Books!

How to make fast and easy minature books for different occations!

♥ 109
Recycled Tee Circle Scarf

Make a circular scarf out of an old tee shirt! No sew!

♥ 789
Multi Colored Tights

Splash some color on those legs, girls. It's all the rage!

♥ 189
Sarong To Halter Dress

all you need is a peice of pretty fabric

♥ 33
Burlesque Bustle Skirt

ruffle and bustle to your own leg-kickin' tune!!

♥ 3414
Kitty Cat Shoes

It is easy to do, and I realy love it. *-*

♥ 231
Red Dragonfly

♥ 9


♥ 30
70's Dress

My lil 70's girl

♥ 209
Floppy Disc Card

Easy to make floppy card.

♥ 184
Jailbird Shoes.

♥ 48
How To Make Resin Pendants

It's alot easier than you think.

♥ 1054
She Ra Shield Magnets

♥ 5
Artichoke Dress

♥ 40
Magazine Box

♥ 14
Vinyl Record Bowl

♥ 9
Yoga Pants   Keep That Logo On Your Tshirt!

Keep that logo on your tshirt!

♥ 377
T Shirt Shrug

How romantic.

♥ 3795
Wraparound Skirt

vintage sheet double wraparound!

♥ 125
Combat Cap

How to make a custom fit Combat Cap

♥ 432
Magazine Bowls

a great way to recycle your old magazines into a useful item!

♥ 1249
Hanging Kittycat Scarf

♥ 118
Pencils In A Monster

♥ 83
Rose Bud Bath Melts

Makes between 8 - 10 melts

♥ 126
Buttons Galore

♥ 17
Pointy Kitty

♥ 2
Recycled Bookjacket Gift Tags

Gift tags for the Bibliophile

♥ 7

Time Out and Toffee Time

♥ 67
Rat Purse

bad rat tutorial...

♥ 39
Tsumami Kanzashi Flower

adorable flowers

♥ 1315
Easy Peasy Pins/Buttons/Badges


♥ 97
Light Bulb Vase

A cute way to recycle old light bulbs!

♥ 59
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