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Natalie C.'s Projects

Party Cat Plush

Plush version of Nedriod's Party Cat, Printable Pattern Included :D

♥ 204
Vintage Lace Tiny Flowers Headband

little lacy beauties

♥ 33
Anthropologie Inspired Bag

♥ 3
Rubik's Cube Photo Frame

a fun way to show pictures and play with it

♥ 55
Magic Boxes

Magic Boxes: A Life As Lou Online Class

♥ 379
Christmas Mini Album

Christmas Mini Album Tutorial

♥ 45
Party Bobbi

put some sparkle in your hair!

♥ 30
The Easiest Fully Functional, Adjustable, Glow In The Dark Pick Necklace!

Now you can wear your pick and use it :P

♥ 26
Spider Web Bracelet

♥ 59
Surprising Eggs.

No one will expect it's a gift!

♥ 32